Should Scotland Be An Independent Country? Poll 3

Should Scotland Be An Independent Country? Poll 3

Our last poll in March showed a 7% increase in the Yes vote. The results of the last two polls are shown below this months poll. While these polls are in no way scientific they do seem to mirror an increase in general towards a Yes vote. My personal opinion is that Scotland has all the requirements to be a modern outward looking independent country. If you don’t agree feel free to leave a comment setting out why you think it can’t be. Honest debate is vital.

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March Indy Poll 2014

11 thoughts on “Should Scotland Be An Independent Country? Poll 3

  1. I will be voting YES in the referendum as it is no longer about IF we can be Independent but there being NO ALTERNATIVE!

    It’s a question of YES FOR SOCIALISM!

  2. all you have to decide is if you want a goverment who are targeting celtic supporters with there offensive behaviour act then by all means vote yes

    1. The referendum is a lot more than that, stop being so petty! It has nothing to do with how supporters are treated, much more at stake here. Vote Yes.

    2. Dont talk rubbish!! This Government will not be in power once we are independent. An election of new representatives will take place. In any case, there are many issues to consider and many other people to consider apart from football supporters. Do some serious reading and exercise your mind.
      P.S. – do you know the difference between ‘there’ and ‘their’?

  3. Yes!!! Scotland has all the resources she needs to be successful. London only wants us for our resources nothing more. It is a leach that’s sucks the wealth from everywhere else. Scotland should be a nation that embraces all no matter their race, colour or creed. Celebrating our youth and aim to be a nation that is tolerant of all culture’s. Choosing our leaders by their ability and deads.

  4. Wullie

    I am not sure whether I am glad to be out of it or annoyed I am unable to join the “discussions”. One thing for sure, the heat in the kitchen seems to be rising. At least at this Eastertide, be peaceful even in debate. There is enough turmoil surrounding us, nationally and internationally, without Scotland adding its share.

    Can I simply say I hope everyone votes with conviction and that the outcome is for the benefit of all.

    Finally, my own little bug-bear, I still have no idea what either vote is going to give you except uncertain separation or an undefined status quo. Perhaps for many that is simply enough.

    Happy Easter everyone.

    H H

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