4 thoughts on “Mothewell Vs Celtic live text commentary

  1. Hi Shaun

    Thanks for the coverage. It sounded like experimentation day but, sadly, with much the same set of players. If Lennon is trying new formations, then it should be with different players not the same old same old in different positions. The inevitable happened, players not knowing who was doing what or where. In fact, the defence not only seemed disjointed and half asleep at times, it sounded as though they were unsure what the ball was for. And, for me, it was naive, to say the least, to play young Herron at full back when his only first team experience so far was in midfield with plenty of support around him. This was especially so when facing a team that was most certainly not going to be “gubbed” like the last time and who had a great deal to fight for. It may have been end of season for us but it was the start of Motherwell’s potential to be runners up.

    However, it still was an end of season affair for us and of no real consequence. I would just rather see some fresh faces in these experiments rather than the hardened veterans, some of whom will probably not even be with us next season. It is about time we had proof that Lennoxtown IS producing, not in dribs and drabs but on a value for money scale.

    Thanks again for the background.

    H H

    PS A very happy Easter to you and yours when it comes.

    1. Exiting game and I was chocking for Griffiths to be the hero after his off-field issues.
      At this time Lenny might say to Kayal and Sammy “No game time” Although both seem to be leaving, it’s good Lenny is letting them make 100% sure they want to leave. I would love to have seen another few youngsters play, but if Lenny did, and we lost, he is in a no win decision making process.

      The young lad at Right Back was at fault, with others for 2-0, he never closed down or jumped in. But he got forward as the game went on.

      I think we are all looking forward to the last game, trophy day then the CL Qualifiers,
      Lot to look forward to

  2. Wullie

    To you and your family and to all those who contribute in any way to this great site,



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