Celtic Do The Right Thing By Griffiths


Celtic Do The Right Thing By Griffiths

I was glad to see that Celtic got it spot on in relation to the Leigh Griffiths stooshi. A daft boy who needed a kick up the backside and help. No decent person can condone racism in any form but you can’t defeat racism by passing the problem on. Leigh Griffiths was a Celtic player when that video was taken therefore he is our problem. It would have been a cop out if the Club just sacked the guy without trying to educate him.

It’s clear that the Club has not only disciplined him but also made it clear that he’s in the last chance saloon. The boy will have to change his ways rapidly or he’s off. I’m sure the manager is the best person to educate him on living in an anti Celtic media culture. Griffiths will be followed everywhere, his family and pals will be asked to ‘chat’ to journos and the rags will be delighted if any more videos turn up. Allegations of racism aside Griffiths was done up like a Kipper by a shameless rag who’s record on condemning racism is selective to say the least. But, regardless Griffiths really needs to wisen up and sharply.

Celtic have done the right thing in this instance and should be applauded for showing a duty of care to one of its employees. As for that rag, I think it’s been made clear that they do not have any say in our Club’s employment policy.

One of the saddest thing was seeing a section of our support join the hacks moral crusade on social media. I stand by what I said and was criticised for saying last week. Sadly it’s now the case that some people on social media are sitting about just waiting for the next ‘outrage’ to come along so they can tell us all what lovely moral citizens they are. I’m personally very wary of such people”.

Racism is abhorrent but it can’t be defeated by simply passing on the problem to someone else.

Well done Celtic.


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  1. Taking action when warranted is not ‘passing it on’. Whatever action Celtic FC take or do not take, the person with a real problem is Neil Lennon. He is on record as stating that he has a zero tolerance with regard to racism. He backed the player on Friday. What happens if Griffiths is found guilty of racist behaviour? Will NL bin him? If not, the press will have a field day accusing NL of being selective with regard to racism. Griffiths is 23; so not a daft wee laddie. His actions at Fir Park yesterday did him no favours. If he cannot just play football, which is what he is being paid for, then he has no place at Celtic Park

    1. You do have some valid points. But, I don’t believe Celtic will sack him regardless if he is convicted or not. They will site that they have already disciplined him. Unfortunately it’s very doubtful that Celtic will go public and tell us what action they have taken to discipline him.

      At the end of the day Celtic may move him on when it suits them but they won’t do it in the immediate future, they wont want that rag to feel any sense of victory. To be honest I never wanted him at Celtic because of his previous but the Club signed him anyway.

      Hail, Hail

    2. theres nothing racist in his comments ffs , he sang a song about a refuge(if you believe the rag that is). Ps and the Celtic support taking a morale high ground , ppfft give me a break, if you wanted to take the high ground parkhead would be empty of supporters by now. Forgive and forget and move on ffs

      1. Well said Sir, some common sense. A daft boy sang a daft song. The day ill educated Celtic fans stop rebel songs then they can judge

  2. He is young and will learn and he will score a lot of goals for Celtic.Celtic done the right thing.

  3. Griffiths is old enough to be responsible for his own actions and I for one am extremely disappointed that Celtic did not do the right thing and stand by their assertion that there is no place for racists at Celtic FC. This is a terrible message to give young supporters.

  4. Agree with all of the above. Said the same myself, educate him. He’s young. Needs to learn how to behave and moreso now that he’s in the hoops.

  5. Wullie

    there is a real worry that we dilute the meaning of racism so much that it becomes impossible to distinguish between language that mentions an individual’s race from an out and out racist attack. When I was young we referred quite comfortably to people from various other countries with nicknames e.g. “Packi” or “Chinky”. I can say, hand on heart, I did not even understand racism then as I had been brought up to be inclusive of other nationalities especially those from what is now called “The Third World” – how derogatory is that term? For us, it was no different from calling an Irishman “Paddy” or “Mick” just as they and Englishmen referred to us as “Jocks”. In its very informality it almost signified endearment rather than formality, friendship rather than coldness. We are becoming so politically suffocated there is a real danger of a divide being created simply because we would rather ignore altogether those who are different than continually be walking on eggshells. We have cloaked the evil of intention in the veneer of language. A close friend of mine told me a few years ago she could tell the difference quite easily if I were to call her a “Paki” as against some of her peers who did so with a vicious xenophobia. I think that is at the heart of the problem. The law targets the words rather than the attitude. I see that as even more divisive rather than a solution. Of course, like so much of our litigation, it is more to do with knee-jerk reaction and legal convenience than overcoming the problem.

    I believe Griffiths has been caught in this web of confused political correctness. I think “hancock” may have hit the nail on the head in his comment. I am reluctant to see racism in any of Griffiths’ immature singing. If he was an out and out racist, I would be the first to demand he be sacked like any other employee in any other company that breaks the golden rule. Anywhere else it would be an immediately sackable offence but I am sure other employers would be extremely careful they have the facts completely straight before acting. I think that is what Celtic have done and found Griffiths indefensibly stupid and given him a final warning instead of simply kicking him out. They considered his actions as heavily punishable immaturity and not criminal racism. I am not so convinced that such a balanced approach is on the S.F.A. agenda and we all know it is definitely not in the “bigoted”, hypocritical media’s truth-reporting. Let us hope Griffiths learns from his idiotic behaviour and that we are treated to no more than the best of his football ability for seasons to come.

    H H

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