On Monday – That Stephen House Letter

Hail, Hail !

Power Trip  ?
Power Trip ?

Following on from the launch of FAC’s report on the events in the Gallowgate on Saturday March 16, 2016 we will be taking a look at a letter. The letter in question is from Scotland’s top Policeman Sir Stephen House sent to Jackie Baillie SLab MSP,

in reply to her request for information on Police action and resource deployment on that day. The letter is a litany of fantasy and mistruths.

So enjoy the rest of your weekend and we’ll see you on Monday.

Hail, Hail


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1 thought on “On Monday – That Stephen House Letter

  1. Hello Wullie,
    It’s possible that one is born with cynicism, but, more likely it’s from ‘nurture’, not ‘nature’ That is, experience as opposed to genetic inheritance.
    The experience (and I must say this is from distance now, but it wasn’t always like that) is overwhelmingly ‘Police Scotland’ are unapproachable thugs with the all encompassing ‘power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely’ effect in daily evidence against the overall Celtic community. The infamous ‘kettling’ (around the Gallowgate) is not so new – just a new way to incite trouble and then ‘prove’ the need for their criminal approach.
    Any Tim was always a Target. I’ve witnessed it for over 50 years.
    They WILL, one day, pay for their mis-deeds. Let’s call it ‘Judgement Day’, but not necessarily after death.

    On another note :
    We should have won by 7 today and had to cling on for 1 against 10 men.It was certainly “one of those days” for John Guidetti, but he didn’t need evidential support in his failings.
    RD’s subs worry me. I could see clearly that JF should be replaced (and Bitton) (no disrespect to JF), not shocked by AS’s too, but to bring on Tonev (with KC available ? WTF) and use Skepovic also, to throw salt in KC’s ‘facial wounds’ and then by bringing KC on with 3 minutes left is incomprehensible.
    KC will go, I fancy to Neil Lennon again at Bolton. I wouldn’t blame him, but I would feel sickened, as I do now, about what I view as his mal-treatment.

    A nice, clever man posts (on Celtic-minded sites) as “FC not PLC”
    Now that, to me, says it all. Brother Walfred would much appreciate that whilst being totally baffled by OUR CLUB being run by out-and-out Capitalists. Perhaps, they too enjoy “succulent lamb”. Who knows ?

    PS I gave up trying to give a very small donation (£5.00) towards the running of your excellent site as Paypal ask for too much (unnecessary) info, totally unrelated to the donation.
    You may be losing much in well-intended small donations due to a filthy Capitalist piece of modern shit who wants to target individuals as they ‘know’ their life-styles.
    PPS Apologies for length of post.

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