Sir Stephen House, Letter to Jackie Baillie MSP

facLetter From Sir Stephen House (head of Police Scotland) To Jackie Baillie MSP regarding the Policing of Celtic fans in the Gallowgate 16/03/2013.

I was hoping to publish this tomorrow with my personal critique however due to having a lot of work on I’ve not finished that yet. I hope to publish my views on this piece of fiction on Tuesday. Meanwhile I thought it would be a good idea to publish tonight and give everyone a chance to read it.

The letter makes mention to the Green Brigade, however I would like to emphasise that I am not and have never been a member of the group and niether have many people who were caught up in this assault that day. While the Police and others may like to point out that this was an operation against the GB the truth is that on that day the attack was against all Celtic supporters who turned up to show support for the ‘Banned Bhoys’ and in protest against the Offensive Behaviour at Football part of the 2012 Act.

All football fans in Scotland should follow this story because it could be you the next time even although you are a law abiding citizen. So please share with fans of other clubs.

Letter from Sir Stephen House to Jackie Baillie MSP
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