Sir Stephen House’s Letter – My Rebuttal part 1.

Hail, Hail. This is my personal opinions and rebuttal of Sir Stephen House’s letter to Jackie Baillie MSP as published on this site on Sunday. I want to make it clear that these are my thoughts and recollections of what actually happened on that day. Therefore I am not speaking for The Celtic Network or Fans Against Criminalisation.

I have decided to split this article up over a few days because there are so many points, lies and mistruths to address that it would not be fair to ask anyone to take it all in at one time. Today I will concentrate on the events that lead up to the start of the march.

Everything I have written and will write in these articles are based on my truthful recollections of the events of Saturday March 16th 2013. I would gladly represent my views in a court of law.

For reference you can download the original letter here

Part 1.
report 1




  1. You might want to think about the difference in threat level between a group of right wing fascists and football supporters who have no intention of causing social unrest.

report 2






  1. All I would say about this is that before and after the 16th of March the Police have facilitated many unapproved marches, where no formal approach was made to the Police or Local authorities.

report 3



  1. The march had nothing to do with protesting for anyone who had been convicted, in fact it was more to do with people who had not been convicted of anything , yet banned from football. Guilty until proven innocent.

report 4













  1. I done a rough head count at the time and there were at most 170 people there to march.
  2. Not at anytime did anyone ‘form up’ across the road on the Gallowgate. There was no interruption to traffic either. Everyone moved on to Watson st where there was no traffic to interrupt. (see map)
  3. I later found out the reason that no one put themselves forward to speak with the police is because anyone who has done so in the past is visited and harassed by the police weeks after they give their name. So you can understand why people may be reticent to put themselves forward. If people felt safe then they would probably be happy to speak to the police.
  4. The crowd was not ‘non compliant’. In fact everyone stayed on the pavement after been instructed to by the police.
  5. To suggest that the police were completely engulfed by an angry mob is nothing more than a LIE and there is picture and video evidence to back this up.
  6. I confess to wearing a hood, it was raining and cold. Also as far as I’m aware partially covering your face is not yet a crime.























  1. In my opinion there was absolutely no evidence that the ‘group’ intentions were not peaceful. Again this is nothing but spin from the police to justify their later aggression and over reaction.
  2. ‘Rapidly deploy further available resources from other planned operations’. Again I ask you to think about the difference in threat level between a group of right wing fascists and football supporters who only want to march in a peaceful manner to their football stadium.
  3. Once again the police At no time did I or anyone else witness ‘violent intimidation and aggressive tactics’ from anyone marching along Watson st onto Bell st. If walking along a public highway is now to be considered intimidating and aggressive then society has really collapsed.

End of Part 1.

Part 2 to follow on Friday


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2 thoughts on “Sir Stephen House’s Letter – My Rebuttal part 1.

  1. I am on print on a few sites saying theGreen Brigade are tearing the CelticFC club and supporters to shreds with their political activities both inside and outside Parkhead.They need to be banned from parkhead,but Peter Lawell and the board have gone the other way and are accomodating them in their old place i.e. area 113 where no one else can putchase tickets for.This is how the board and Peter Lawell treat the real supporters and I will not be back until the board restore the club to the way it should be,admire by football people all over the world.

    1. So no one in the GB is a real Celtic supporter, even although they spend a lot of money on Celtic, help generate an atmosphere and raise a lot of cash for Celtic foundation and other charities ?

      I think Celtic park is a better place with them and without you, but that’s only my opinion.

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