The Banned Bhoys by STV – FAC

TWIT BADGE.fwBig thanks to Peter Adam Smith for putting this together.

This film was put together by STV, It’s a mixture of interviews with FAC and GB members. Some of it filmed in the CSC and also following us on our visit to the Scottish Parliament.

Hopefully this will dispel myths about the GB and the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act 2012. For my part I apologise for no fixing ma coat collar, and great to see the wife supporting the GB  🙂 Big thanks to everyone involved. HH


In this special report, Peter Smith speaks to members of Fans Against Criminalisation and the Green Brigade – Celtic fan groups opposed to the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act because they believe it targets otherwise law-abiding football supporters. It is part of a new STV strand that brings you close to sections of society that are not often featured on TV.


Footage copyright of STV

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