The Curious Case OF Leigh Griffiths


The Offensive Behaviour at Football Act has been plunged into the spotlight again. Police Scotland have charged Leigh Griffiths under the act for an allegedly singing a ‘racist’ song in a bar full of Hibs fans. Whether he is guilty or not is not my concern, it is the question of why he and he alone was charged under this act when he could have been charged under existing race legislation ?

In my opinion Police Scotland are pulling a stunt here, if Griffiths is convicted they can say that the act is effective, and with it being a high profile case they will be praying for a conviction. But here’s some questions:

  1. The bar was full of Hibs fans, who was offended ?
  2. Why is Griffiths the only person in the bar charged?
  3. Did anyone report Griffiths to the Police on the day ?
  4. Why was Griffiths not charged under existing legislation that pertains to racism ?

I’m not arguing if Griffiths is guilty or not, or commenting on what should happen should he be found guilty but this move seems highly suspicious to me. It does nothing to eradicate racism in society if the anti racism laws are substituted by this badly drawn act.

Police Scotland know no shame when it comes to their PR stunts. Make no mistake, this is a PR Stunt !



10 thoughts on “The Curious Case OF Leigh Griffiths

  1. I honestly do not know what to think of this Wullie, it is seems at some point it’s just silly wee boy’s stuff and could have maybe been dealt with more effectively in a quieter fashion, but that is impossible now.

  2. Don’t remember D Findlay esq being hauled into the clink when he was filmed singing his repertoire? Even under the old laws, one rule for them one for everyone else?

  3. Irony is, it was a Hibs fan’s video that got him done. The Scottish Media pushed the ‘Charge Leigh’ button. But in court I am told his lawyer will elude to the fact, as you pointed out “There were 100 people singing this song”….”Why is my Client sitting here” – Won’t go nowhere, but good writing mate.

  4. The hibs fan that made it public needs to take a look at his/her actions for the shit it has caused.people should think of the impact that it will have on others before putting things public.and the person who made it public should be next to Leigh in the dock as he/she was there.

  5. Has the police got nothing better to do. Can’t understand them lots of people sing football songs weather be racist or not.

    1. He was in a pub but under the act you can be done if there is a football match on, that day, in that city….. crazy stuff

  6. all the hibs fans in the pub that day should, go to a police station,and insist they also be charged, or complain that the person they were with was singing that song, and they are now offended , bombard the courts with complaints,direct action to end this ill concieved legislation

  7. Best way for wee leigh to sort these scumbags out is to stick a couple in the net on Sunday . COYBIG .

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