Scotland can be a crazy place at times, but now it’s bordering on bizarre !

On a day when an STV journalist managed to shoehorn a question about Celtic and Irish Republicanism, (this during a press conference about a new kit sponsor) I was drawn via Twitter to an article in the Scotsman.

Police Scotland have released a list of ‘words’ banned on their facebook page. Fair enough, no one wants to see profanity written all over a facebook page, however. On inspection of the article, I was left dumbfounded by how touchy Police Scotland have become.

One of the most bizarre parts was this wee gem !


Now correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think Hun, Fenian and definately Green or Brigade are in any way sectarian. They can become sectarian if certain profanities are added, but on their own they are not. I think the article says more about how Police Scotland view the world rather than anything else.

I wouldn’t normally link to a SMSM site but I believe I have to share the fun of reading this article.

Wullie. 🙂



4 thoughts on “GREEN BRIGADE CENSORED by Police Scotland !

  1. Very petty indeed giving them something to do rather than eat donuts I suppose lol I’m not offended in the slightest by remarks from the blue brigade there irrelevant hh

  2. Unbelievable line of questioning – and subsequent news report! Can’t and won’t post King Dave any tough ques though!

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