Police Scotland Telling Lies Again ?

Hail, Hail, just a short one. I was sent this link to a judgement in appeal over case of Celtic fans being charged/convicted of singing Roll of Honour. Regardless of your personal opinion on whether this song is offensive or should be sung at football games, the main point of contention here is contained in Section 8 of the judgement.

FULL JUDGEMENT HERE https://www.scotcourts.gov.uk/search-judgments/judgment?id=b1edcaa6-8980-69d2-b500-ff0000d74aa7

[8]        On the merits of the application, the court is satisfied that it is not arguable that there was insufficient evidence for the sheriff to conclude that there was a likelihood that the song being sung would incite public disorder.  In particular, there was evidence, first, from the police officers of what was sung.  There was evidence, secondly, from one of the police officers that the song is widely regarded as sectarian and offensive; a fact recognised not only by the police but also by the official Celtic supporters organisation and the club itself.  There was, thirdly, the CCTV images, which actually recorded the adverse reaction to it from the Hibs fans.  On the basis of this evidence, the sheriff was entitled to form an objective view on the likely effect of the singing of the song.  Accordingly, this application to argue the ground will be refused.  The court wishes to stress, however, that this Opinion is not to be read as suggesting that all of this evidence was necessary.

Personally I am not aware that the Club considers this song as being sectarian, neither do I believe that the ‘official Celtic Supporters ‘ organisation hold this view either.

The club and the CSA who I believe is the ‘organisation’ need to make statements on this allegation. Knowing Joe O’Rourke (as I do) at the CSA I certainly don’t believe he thinks it is sectarian in any way.

Surely a serving officer at Police Scotland would not embellish the truth under oath ? (no laughing at the back please).

Hail, Hail


Please enjoy this wee video.

5 thoughts on “Police Scotland Telling Lies Again ?

  1. So is there no adverse reaction to “up to our knees in Fenian blood ” ???? Week in week out. Do any police officers consider this ‘song’ to be offensive and sectarian in nature?

  2. Roll of honour is not sectarian, neither is a lot of our songs, so where do the polis or the snp fond our songs illegal?? This is coming from a tim that’s been born and raised in England, the English have accepted that the English did wrong in Ireland. I wait with baited breath from police service Scotland

  3. As a born and bred Irishman, NOT an IRA Man!, I am disgusted that the descendants of those who oppressed us, and many of their actions that may have led to such “Poetry and Song”, should still want to Punish us, for NO MISDEEDS!. Having Lived and Worked in this Great Country (SCOTLAND), now, for some 25+ years.. I somehow now..fell a certain right to have “Feelings Of Further after the fact Persecution and DISGUST!”. This is NOT the Scotland, I have lived in, Payed taxes, made Many contributions of my Labour to, brought up a decent family in..surely?? . When will this NONSENSE STOP!?. Of course, if “Fenians” become scarce, I hear recently that maybes “sons of the Prophet Mohammed” (PBUH), will suffice as raw materials for some folks black puddings! Sad, Sad B*******S. . Pls.. “Get a real life AND move on”.., ta! +
    Scotland in my view has the Morals, Methods and the Means for Room for Many, and for Aye! GBTS.

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