FAC Public Meeting announced

A public meeting on ‘The Act, Policing and Civil Liberties in Scotland’ will be held in St Anne’s School in Crownpoint Road, Glasgow on Wednesday 10th June at 7 pm.

The aim of the meeting is to bring together all those who have concerns about how the law and the police force are impacting on their normal activities e.g their right to protest, hold political views and attend football matches in Scotland in 2015.

Speakers will be announced soon but this is an opportunity for those affected to tell their story and to unite around what appears to be a gradual erosion of the civil rights of one group at a time.


1 thought on “FAC Public Meeting announced

  1. It’s always good to read what you, and the other Bhoys on this and similar sites, put out and for me to appreciate and understand, just a wee bit, how much effort you put in on behalf of Tims both near and far. For this, Thank You All.
    Hope the Garngad football day went well but if it pissed down and blew a ‘hooligan’, sorry, as my ‘dance’ was aimed solely at George Square but my ‘dancing’ is far from accurate.

    To get any cohesive and reasonable movement from the groups you will be facing will be nearly impossible. Police Scotland, in conjunction with the whole Scottish Judiciary are entrenched anti-Celtic types, right down to most of their respective ‘lodges’. LNS enquiry? My arse. A pre-ordained stitch-up.

    But, then again, it was, more or less, impossible to win the Big Cup with a squad from within 30 miles of your club. But WE DID IT. It will NEVER be done again.

    So,Good Luck, Wullie. I don’t need advise YOU to Keep The Faith.


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