Police officers in perjury probe. FAC, Gallowgate

Delighted to see that two police officers are now being investigated for perjury relating to one of the cases concerned with the Kettling and harassment Celtic fans suffered on the Gallowgate in March 2013.

A senior reporter from the Herald Gerry Braiden writes

TWO police officers are under investigation after being accused of lying on the stand in a case involving a football fan acquitted of his role in a notorious incident.

The chief inspector and sergeant facing the perjury probe had given evidence against a youth charged with breach of the peace for his role in the kettling of Celtic fans on Glasgow’s Gallowgate in March 2013.

During the trial of Scott Johnson, one of the officers was warned by prosecutors that he was in danger of incriminating himself even though he was a Crown witness.

The pair were then the subject of a complaint to the Crown Office by a member of the public, leading to the investigation by the Police Investigations and Review Commissioner (PIRC) confirming a perjury investigation is underway

Full story here: story copyright The Herald


As someone who witnessed the police aggression that day I hope there may be more investigations into this incident.

Here are some images I took that disgraceful day


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