No SMSM on TCN 2018

Hi everybody, I’m inviting you to look through the site and suggest improvements. You can also add your site, podcast, forum, vlog or blog to be promoted on the site.

I promise NO SMSM and not to sell you T-Shirts Mugs etc. This site will remain as always FREE for you for ever. There will also be NO 3rd party advertising.

This is a Celtic fans site, not a clothes shop or anything else.

I’m also happy to take on new writers or in fact anyone who want’s to write about Celtic.

The site isn’t 100% finished but there is enough content to get started.

If you want to add your site etc just fill in this FORM . I will also keep promoting good causes, so if you are trying to raise money for any charity or good causes just use the contact form.

Fell free to browse the site and check our Celtic fans newsfeed on the front page

Hail, Hail


1 thought on “No SMSM on TCN 2018

  1. Wullie, keep up the good work. I’m in total chaos selling house and moving abroad so site is very important to me

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