Hold Back Your Season Ticket Money ?

Season ticket renewal time is approaching, that time of year when many teams breath a sigh of relief with the thought of a cash injection. However is  it time for all supporters to hold back their season ticket money till we get assurance that Scottish football is clean ?

We seen the SFA circle the wagons when their favourite club were found to have cheated to win 13 trophies via dodgy tax scams.

Fans demanded retribution in the form of an investigation and the stripping of titles and cups. The SFA did not want to know and the SMSM backed them to the hilt.

Also the SFA’s compliance officer has had the full dossier on RFC (IL) gaining a dodgy Euro licence since mosses was an apprentice on Noah’s Ark. How can it take this long?

To me the game is corrupt and this is the perfect time of year for fans to apply real pressure. I would ask all fans regardless of who you support to inform their club that they won’t part with a penny until there are clear indications that the game is being cleaned up.

After all “Football is nothing without fans” Jock Stein.

Lets push for real change while we have the balance of power in our favour.



8 thoughts on “Hold Back Your Season Ticket Money ?

  1. Hi.
    While I agree the compliance officer is taking his time.
    If he finds wrongdoing and UEFA get involved they might issue retrospective punishment and ban the national association from having any teams in Europe
    This would have consequences for Celtic but also for the other teams financially who depend on the money they get from Celtics participation.

    1. Aye punish the victims of unfair play? In all meetings with Celtic on the issue never at any time was this possibility brought up to deter proceeding.
      It would go against natural justice be challengeable by all clubs in Europe or taken to CAS.
      If you are mucking out a byre you don’t shoot the coos to do so.

  2. I will not be parting with one penny towards my Season Ticket..I’m getting fed up waiting on Liewell pulling his finger out his rectum and doing something about this..I lived thru the Cheating Years When Every game I went was Rigged in there favour..Wellbive had enuf if this club can’t stand by me then why should I support them..If Nothing is Done regards this then Celtic & I will Part Company And I mean this..

  3. Why should we worry about other Scottish clubs who survive with the cash our club gets them from euro as none of them wanted to support us about stripping titles ect they are all only intrested in themselves and sevco HH

  4. We should be boycotting away games and cup games if they cheats at LIEBROX get a licence hurt the corrupt SFA scumhuns and what we should do is at 1 of home games protest to p.lawwell and let him know that our ST money will be held back untill we get answers but as we all know the corrupt bastards sfa will do the same as 2011 give them want they want so its time to wake up and start boycotting from next season away games cup games come on the CELTIC FAMILIES LETS PUT THESE CORRUPT BASTARDS SFA TRFC SPFL OUT OF A JOB AND CLEAN THE SCOTTISH GAME.HAIL HAIL

  5. I think the point is being missed here.

    In writing to Celtic for assurances you provide Celtic with the opportunity to remind the SFA that this anger is a direct consequence of the SFA rejecting what Celtic and SPFL asked for.
    If other clubs are forced to approach SFA as result of same fan pressure then the SFA have to pay attention and rethink their position.

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