The Act Is Dead

It’s gone, as of 12.00 tonight the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications Act 2012 will be no more after the repeal being signed off by The Queen earlier today.

It’s a great victory for mainly working class football fans who refused to bow to draconian law that had no place outside N. Korea.

Thanks to FAC mainly lead by Jeanette Findlay and Paul Quigley this horrible piece of legislation is now DEAD.

I was fortunate enough to be involved like so many others. The highlight was being in the Parliament when MSP’s voted for the repeal.

This was ‘people power’ in action and I hope the campaign inspires others to stand up to authority when they abuse their power in the way the SNP have done.

Well done EVERYONE


1 thought on “The Act Is Dead

  1. The SNP should now ban all orange order marches which only encourage sectarianism. Then force the cops to clean up ibrox by removing and jailing the bigots who revel in the Billy boys Fullerton dirge.
    Dozens at first and if they continue to wade up to their knees in Catholic blood, then hundreds.
    They might as we because these crown loyalists will never vote SNP as they love their wee queen and their yoonyin jacks too much.

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