PISH in the S*N

You have all heard the expression “fun in the sun” . It has now been joined by “PISH in the S*n”. To be fair the latter is a well known saying in it’s own right.

Now it can be argued and probably will be which of the two are more famous throughout the world, but that’s where it ends. The truth is that Brendan Rodgers is by far the best manager.

Personally I can’t understand why Stevie G is actually giving this offer from a 6 year old club any thought at all. However lets look at what ‘Miracle Steve” will be up against.
1. An extremely successful manager

2. A manager who has improved every club he has managed

3. A manager who took Gerrard and his team mates to the brink of being EPL Champions.

4. A manager who has Champions and Europa League experience

5. A fantastic development coach. Just look at what he done at Swansea and what he achieved with Ronny’s Celtic team

6. A man with access to a transfer kitty that would be enough to buy any other club in Scotland.

It’s clear that this Gerrard stuff in the media is there to sooth ra peepil as they watch Celtic grow from strength to strength. This is the stuff you screen capture every pre season and post it out in December when it’s clear that the rangers still urny coming.




1 thought on “PISH in the S*N

  1. I hope he goes to Sevco…. two words … John Barnes…. so Murty their one time under 20 coach was no good…. Gerrard an under 18 coach…. ha ha. Bring him on.
    Roll up Roll up gullibillies….season ticket time…… roll up mugs.

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