Get Carol To Mexico

Celtic fan and mother to two autistic children was diagnosed with MS in 2003.

Carol is now at stage 8 on the expanded disability status scale. Basically she is now confined to her bed, and housebound for a long period of time.

We are trying to raise £50k to send Carol to Mexico for treatment. Unfortunately there is no cure but the treatment will halt the advance of her condition.

If her condition is not halted then it will lead to an inability for her to eat or speak for herself and then sadly death.

If you feel you can help please visit Carols Go Fund Me page for more info and make a donation. We are trying to arrange a bucket collection for Saturdays game. Unfortunately we are currently waiting for a licence from GCC. However, time is against both us and GCC.

So please visit and make a donation. It would also be appreciated if CSC’s had collections and donate via Go Fund Me. Also for bus convener’s please think about having a collection on the bus on Saturday.

We would appreciate if all who read this can share it via social media and word of mouth.

Thank You.

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