Police Scotland ‘Slander’ Fans Groups

The following is an extended twitter thread by The Celtic Trust

regarding report published by the Police Service of Scotland

We have now had a chance to read the report published by the Police Service of Scotland yesterday into the policing of football in Scotland. We noticed a number of things. Firstly, they do not address the Janefield St incident at all – not even mentioned – which seems strange.

Second, they didn’t speak to any fans groups really – certainly no Celtic ones. They spoke to Supporters Direct and some other organisation but nobody who represents fans directly.

Third, and in a very sinister move, they spoke to the media – not sure how that is relevant to policing – and seemed to suggest to them that they should stop reporting ‘those with the loudest voices’ ie the police are telling the media which citizen voices should be listened to.

Fourth, they explicitly identified @FACKilltheBill (of which we are a constituent part) and ‘ultras’ as groups who have ‘entrenched views’, ‘unwilling to engage’, who the media cover and suggest that this is a problem.

The say, among other things: “There was also an acceptance they follow those who shout loudest, most notably the narrative put forward by ‘ultra’ type supporters and Fans Against Criminalisation (FAC).” And…

” In Scotland, sectarian issues and the activity of very vocal groups of supporters exacerbate this antisocial behaviour. ”

This appears to be an attempt by @policescotland to dictate to the media which citizens should be heard and reported. It also implies that FAC and other ‘vocal’ fans organisations, such as the Trust, are somehow responsible for ‘sectarianism’.

f you add in the comment from @ScotsPolFed calling FAC ‘apologists for criminality’ and suggesting they be ‘sidelined’ while the police speak to ‘real fans’, this is a really chilling, sinister and undemocratic move by the @policescotland to crack down on active citizens.

We call on all fans of all clubs to oppose this kind of intervention in our organisations and to ensure that any dialogue they do have with the police is not used to undermine other fan bodies. We, for one, don’t want to seek accreditation from the police as ‘real fans’.

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