Lay Off The Team

French Eddie

I noticed there was a lot of moaning and groaning on Twitter about the teams performance on Sunday. So I watched the game back yesterday in a more relaxed way.

The team were forced to play ugly football because of the way Dundee set up. They were not interested in anything but scraping a point.

Anytime Celtic got the ball Dundee fell into a 6-4-0 defence. This forced Celtic into finding space to play in Dundee’s last third. It was not nice to watch and certainly frustrating for the players as much as the fans.

I’d ask you to bare two things in mind.

1 Our players have only recently been abandoned by their manager. That must cause some psychological damage to the group and individuals. Maybe that’s why some performances have dropped.

2 The players must be given credit for battling on to finally get the win we deserved.

I don’t like international breaks but in this instance it maybe a God send. Taking players out of their normal club routine may result in them coming back to Celtic more focussed.

So lets get behind Lenny and the bhoys when they return for the final push for 8 in a row.

Hail, Hail, Wullie.

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