Scot’s Don’t Fancy VAR

Tomorrow night Celtic and Copenhagen will play under the watchful eye of VAR. We thought it would be a good time to ask supporters if they are in favour of VAR being introduced into the Scottish game.

As you can see from a sample of 301 that at this time 2 thirds of those who took park say No to VAR in Scottish football.

I think many have been put off by what they have seen in the EPL. However elsewhere in Europe VAR is used differently and probably better than it’s used in England’s top flight.

Games being stopped and goals disallowed for someone having a stray leg hair offside. This has led to frustration from supporters. Surely we don’t want a repeat of these types of decisions in Scotland ?

At this moment it’s probably a good bet that VAR will be introduced in the Scottish game in the future. It’s important that if this is the case then the Governing bodies have to work out how they want to use it.

VAR has it’s place in football but not if it’s used in the way it is in England.

Wullie. HH

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