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The Celtic Network (TCN) was established in 2011 as a site to promote Celtic Fans Independent Media. This was primarily in response the Scottish Main Stream Media’s (SMSM) reporting of the so called ‘Shame Game’ between Celtic FC and the now Liquidated RFC. As the case had been for decades the SMSM used this occasion to drag the good name of Celtic FC through the mud rather than report the truth of who actually ‘shamed’ Scottish football that night. It was now time to take positive action and offer our support an alternative source for Celtic news and debate.

We are happy to support Celtic Fans Independent Media in whatever form it comes be it Blog, Forum or Podcast.

The site is run on a Not For Profit basis and rely on donations from Celtic fans to cover running costs. In return we will not fill this site with 3rd party ads.

Hail, Hail

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