Beyond The Waves – Partner Spotlight

How Beyond the Waves came into being is a bit of a mystery.  Like one of those ideas that someone throws out as a joke only once it’s heard aloud it actually sounds like a decent idea.  It happened after the Scottish Cup Final last season against Motherwell.  Seamus Cummins (the Ambassador), Jim McGuigan (the Coach), the Rev and myself met up at the Philadelphia CSC at Fado to watch the game as it was centrally located for all of us.  What ensued was 90 minutes of jumping up and down, singing Celtic songs and cheering on the hoops.  My younger sister, who knows nothing about Celtic, even stopped by and I think we grew the Celtic family by one that day.  It was pure magic, we beat Motherwell and raised the trophy to cap off the season.  And then it was over.  No post match highlights, no call-ins, no game next weekend.  Nothing.  It was an incredible letdown and left us with an empty feeling.  We started talking about what the Lost Bhoys or the Celtic Underground would talk about over the summer.  And I flippantly through out the idea that we should do a show.  A post-game call in show that would replace the horrific BBC Scotland or Radio Clyde offerings that are pure rubbish.  We laughed it off except we all started thinking about it and realized essentially at the same time that we might be on to something.  The planning for what would become Beyond the Waves, started right then and there.

This was more than an opportunity to put out a call in show.  It was an opportunity to show all of the doubters and especially the board that there is a plentiful and exceptionally knowledgeable fan base here in North America that doesn’t deserve to be treated as a “watered down version” of a Celtic supporter.  There is an opportunity for growth here in North America, with the right attention, the right strategy and the right execution, there could be a real opportunity for the club that extends beyond only the occasional ex-pat here or there.  We also wanted to give folks an alternative to listening into the patronizing tones of Keevins, Jackson and Delehunt where callers are often talked down to, talked over or hung up on.  We set out to create a show that would be a safe haven for anyone who’d like to share there views and be treated like a human being and a fellow Celtic supporter.

Now came the issue of what to call this show.  Originally, I suggested that we could call the show “The American Idiots” (you don’t have to think to hard about why), and our theme song could be “American Idiots” by Green Day.  I figured it could be a play on words about how Americans are typically thought of as not very knowledgeable about football or anything else for that matter.  Hopefully, we could make that name into an ironic moniker by proving this impression to be wrong.  Everyone seemed ok with this except for Seamus.  Seamus pointed out, quite rightly, that this name doesn’t reflect Celtic at all and makes the process too much about us, and too little about the club we love so dearly.  Seamus is a wise man, so we binned that name.  What now then?  Jim then suggested we call the show Beyond the Waves after the lyric in the Soldier Song that refers to Americans joining the IRB during the Irish movement toward independence.  This name felt right so we all agreed on that.  Jim also came up with all of the music choices for both the intro (Stiff Little Fingers “Long Way to Paradise”) as well as the outro (The Pogues “Thousands are Sailing”) and we were off.

The early days in late June saw us broadcasting on UStream as the Homebhoys and Over and Over Shows had previously done until we ran into a bit of a problem.  UStream decided they were going to randomly inject commercials into our show.  We found this to be unacceptable so we packed up and moved over to where we currently broadcast from.  In early August, we joined up with the Homebhoys to form the Hail Hail Media channel on Spreaker and we haven’t looked back.   We typically broadcast 2 hours after the final whistle of each game on the weekends, to give us time to get home from the pub.  To date we are one of the most listened to shows on Spreaker (thanks to the passionate support of Celtic supporters  from around the world) and have had a wide range of guests, from throughout the Celtic community, each week.  We are looking forward to celebrating our first full season on the air with Celtic’s first domestic treble in 10 years.  You can listen to us at:!/show/hail_hail_media and please feel free to skype in and share your views on anything Celtic by adding us to your Skype contacts at BeyondtheWaves.  Hail Hail and keep the faith.

-Graham Wilson

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