The Dundee Riot ? #tcnfacfiles

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On the 26th of December 2012 Celtic defeated Dundee 2 – 0 at Dens Park. That night a Dundee official said he had witnessed the worst football violence since the 1970’s .

Peter Lawwell was so incensed that he asked the ticket office to supply him with the names of all season ticket holders for section 111 who had tickets for that game. Why he never just asked for the names of every season ticket holder who was there is so far a mystery. The following day bloggers, journos and ex Celtic players who were not present had a dig at our support for this ‘riot’.

So far on planet Earth I’ve yet to meet anyone who was there say there was a riot. I have been told of a fight that took place between two families who had a grudge to settle but a fight is not a riot. For anyone in doubt this sadly is a riot.

Now the above riot has been documented on video and in pictures and it led to the banning of alcohol in Scottish football grounds. Not only that but tighter controls on entry to a match.

The strange thing about the Dundee riot of 2012 is that we have not seen any video or picture evidence neither has their been any high level or even low level ‘summit’ held by any politicians, Police or football authorities. Surely if there was such a threat to public order at Dens Park then the high and mighty of the land would have been commissioning reports and holding investigations into this ‘riot’.

So in an attempt to find out what really happened we would like people to post links to video and images of the Dundee riot. If there was indeed a riot I’m sure there will be plenty of hard evidence to support this. Just like Hampden 1980 and The Gallowgate Tea Party 2013.

TCN is not here to hide stuff like this so if there is proof of a riot we will publish it.

Hail, Hail

Good Turnout at St.Mary’s for FAC #tcnfacfiles

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Delighted to report that from what I seen there was a great response today at the Fans Against Criminalisation evidence gathering session in regards of last weeks Gallowgate Tea Party (Kettle supplied) hosted by Strathclyde’s finest.

Anti Polis gear

As you can see from the picture I took some legal steps to hide my identity from any nosey coppers who might have been just ‘sort of’ hanging around. 🙂

I met and had a chat with some cracking people and acording to them the place had been busy from the moment it opened.

I’d like to thank all the people from FAC who gave up their free time to take evidence from supporters. Your hands must be sore.

Special Hail, Hail to Hugh,Danny and Angela it was nice to chat.

Hail Hail


Who do you think you are kidding Mr Gray ? #tcnfacfiles

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Les Gray, who recently retired as chairman of the Scottish Police Federation was on BBC Newsnight Scotland spinning like a spider on Speed. Quite frankly Mr Gray came across as a petty minded man churning out the party line with no real substance to his rent a gob statements.

Below we will debunk some of Mr Gray’s fantasy remarks with cold hard honest facts. Continue reading “Who do you think you are kidding Mr Gray ? #tcnfacfiles”

Copy of Email sent to CFC & FAC #tcnfacfiles

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Sent to and

Sir’s, I would like to draw your attention to the incident which took place in the Gallowgate area of Glasgow on Saturday 16th of March 2013 between 12.50pm and 2.10pm where my wife and myself witnessed what can only be described as over the top Police tactics perpetrated against a peaceful group of Celtic fans and some members of the general public. Continue reading “Copy of Email sent to CFC & FAC #tcnfacfiles”

Peaceful Fans Attacked and Harassed By Police #tcnfacfiles

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The images included in the video below may cause embarrassment to Police Scotland and the SNP.

Police State Scotland

Well done to Alex Salmond you got your way and gave your Police force the powers to carry out state condoned thuggery on peaceful protesters. Today my wife ,myself , hundreds of fans and the general public seen the state’s boot boys in all their fascist glory.

How many times have you heard ‘everything was fine till the Police turned up’ ? Well that’s exactly what happened today. What should have been a peaceful march to Celtic Park from the Gollowgate was turned into a brutal assault on freedom of expression and legitimate non violent protest.

People were ‘kettled’, obstructed, harassed and assaulted by Strathclyde police some of whom were brought in from Ayrshire (wonder why?).

The most disgusting thing that happened was a guy with a very young kid who was no part of the fans group was told he would be arrested and his child given to social workers for simply walking down a street. I met the guy and he was as white as a sheet and his toddler was screaming. Keep People Safe ? Orwell would be impressed with that bit of double speak.

I’m still very angry. I’m also willing to swear under oath that I did not see one Celtic fan acting in an aggressive manner. The Police on the other hand did.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.


Since when do you need a songbook as a moral compass ? #tcnfacfiles

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If some thing is wrong then it is wrong. We humans are gifted with common history, intelligence and a thing called gut feeling to help us form moral judgments. Unless it’s a book of religious hymns we don’t rely on an approved song book to know the difference between what is good and what is morally repugnant.

Ally McCoist media darling and cheeky chappy has insisted that a song book will stop sevco fans singing morally repugnant songs. So this will be ‘the wee blue book’ volume two. Since the last one in 2007 did not work how does he expect the new one to work? Are they going to include pictures?

We all know that a song book will not kill off sectarianism and racism in society. These are deep routed and ingrained mindsets that need challenging full on in society ,in the class room and most importantly in the home. Sevco will never eradicate the bile from their support while the media in Scotland give them an easy ride and while Alex Salmond turns a blind eye when it suits him.

We keep being told that it is a minority of Sevco supporters who indulge in anti Catholic/Irish hate songs but I think we all know that is not the case. If it is indeed a minority it’s a large minority. We also hear that decent The Rangers supporters are fed up with this. If that’s the case where are they, who is their voice, where is their representation ?

These problems at sevco need to be tackled from the inside. The old cry of  ‘both sides are as bad as each other’ is a lie. When Rangers FC died and the new club was formed their was a chance for a fresh start unfortunately Charles Green aided and abetted by Mr McCoist and elements of the Scottish media decided to pander to the lowest common denominator in the dead clubs support the ‘white underclass’ as it has been coined. From that moment on it became carry on as before.

Once again the Scottish Football Administrators and Mr Salmond should hang their heads in shame for letting down the decent people in this country.

Sevco Sectarianism but Police Swamp CATB gig #tcnfacfiles

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February 25, 2013
Well once again it’s been a crazy weekend in the ‘best wee country in the world’. Sectarian singing is condemned by an ESPN presenter and they say they will contact the Police and Authorities to ‘see if they can do something’. Once again it takes someone from outside Scotland to highlight the bigotry in the Sevco support.

What the FOcUS unit were doing while this was going on remains at this point a mystery. Ok the game was played in England but a Strathclyde police FOcUS unit would have been attached to that game since it is a game regulated by Scottish football authorities with Scottish fans in attendance and therefor falls nicely into the new football laws.

So lets take a look at the Police. Just over a week ago the Green Brigade walked away from Celtic Park because of what they seen is constant harassment and bully boy tactics of Strathclyde’s finest. Some quarters in our support were quick to point the finger at the group for bringing it on themselves. What I want to ask is the following is the following another example of people bringing it on themselves ?

On Saturday I was contacted by a close friend who attended a Charlie and the Bhoys gig in the Bank Roll in Balmore industrial estate in Glasgow. My friend lives roughly o.2 km from the event so she knows the area well and the normal level of beat constables assigned to that area.

Despite this being a private function where everyone was asked to submit their names and the promoter hiring extra security that did not seem to be enough for Strathclyde Police who had roughly 50 officers deployed to Police around 85 people and as things turned out they did not appear to my friend and others to be there to protect anyone.

From 6.00 pm 2 hrs before the gig there where three riot vans and and 2 marked police cars plus CID plain cloth units. Over the course of the gig the Police were constantly ‘visiting’ the venue. Over policing ? I would think so. On the way home my friend was stopped 4 times by different sets of officers ask for names and addresses and what they were up to. Now remember their home was only o.2 from the venue. My friend also had to intervene on 2 occasions to stop the Police needlessly trying to lift a 19 yr old in a Celtic top. The 19 yr old was with a crowd of pals but he was the only one with a Celtic Top on. My friend managed to organise Taxis  to get the younger people out of the area asap.

The police were constantly stopping people at random and seemed intent on getting a few collars. Thankfully the people attending the gig behaved and got out the road. I know and trust the person who gave me this info. The person in question is grown up with a family and is a law abiding citizen but what they witnessed made them so angry they contacted me. Unfortunately due to a ‘busy’ weekend I was unable to talk to my friend until tonight.

So were these people at the CATB gig bringing it on themselves or is it a case of anyone who shows any interest in anything Irish be it politics or songs are now targets for the Police ?

Remember this is a country that sweeps anti Catholic and Irish racism and sectarianism under the carpet and calls it simply ‘inappropriate’ .

Reaction to the GB and Celtic Statements. #tcnfacfiles

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February 18, 2013

green brigade badge
TCN Supports the Green Brigade

Now that we have had statements from both the Green Brigade and Celtic Football club we still await a statement from Strathclyde police on FOCUS operations. I won’t hold my breath.

I welcome the Club’s statement regarding the safety and welfare of the supporters and the fact they have made it clear who fans can complain to if they feel they are being harassed by the Police. Now no one should be in any doubt how to complain to the Club and the Club have no excuse for not following up complaints. Here’s hoping for a truly transparent process.
Continue reading “Reaction to the GB and Celtic Statements. #tcnfacfiles”

TCN’s Support of The Green Brigade #tcnfacfiles

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November 24, 2012
Today is a sad day in our supports history. Regrettably the Green Brigade have been forced into making a stand against their treatment by Strathclyde Police and also to some extent the heavy handed stewarding in side Celtic Park in section 111.

Although this boycott of two matches is as I have said is regrettable it is also sadly necessary as the group have went out of their way over the past year or so to have meaningful dialogue with both Strathclyde Police and Celtic Football Club to reach a sensible approach to Policing and stewarding within and around Celtic Park in respect of section 111 and members of the Green Brigade in particular. I have it on authority that these agreements have constantly been breached by Strathclyde Police at every game. Therefore The Celtic Network fully support and sympathises with the decision the group have come to. Continue reading “TCN’s Support of The Green Brigade #tcnfacfiles”

Green Brigade Police Harrassment Statement #tcnfacfiles

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Last year was somewhat unique. It will rightly be remembered as the year our great rivals died. Yet what seemed to almost slip under the radar amidst the hilarity at Ibrox was the continued harassment of the Green Brigade, and the Celtic fans in general by Strathclyde Police both before and after the SNP legislation was scribbled. We have remained relatively quiet on this issue up until now, but it has got us nowhere and the harassment has continued; in fact it has worsened.

Most Celtic fans heard about the unprecedented case of the 17 year old Celtic fan remanded in custody at HM Polmont Young Offenders Instituiton for an alleged breach of the peace. The fall-out and the protests of other Celtic fans led to that thankfully being overturned before too much damage was done to a young boy.

However, there are numerous other cases that haven’t been made public and so the Police have escaped criticism and been allowed to arrest and charge who they want, when they want. These include three of our members arrested by CID (two at home, one at work) after holding a banner reading ‘Huns FC’. Their case lasted the best part of two years before finally a ‘Not proven’ verdict was delivered.

The cost of that case will have been astronomical. Clearly unhappy at this, the Police arrested one of the above AGAIN, this time for alleged sectarian singing. This never even made the courtroom, after the CCTV was shown outside the court, showing him clearly singing ‘Up the Celts’ much to the embarrassment of the officers who turned up as Prosecution witnesses.
After the highly-successful ‘Fans Against Criminalisation’ demo at George Square, Celtic played Hibs in a bore 0-0 draw.

The game will be remembered by many though, after the Police unnecessarily waded into 111 looking to make arrests for reasons unknown. On the concourse after the game, they successfully arrested one of our members, accusing him of abusing their officers. Again, this was nothing but a blatant lie and led to another court case with THREE different trial dates.

A Not Guilty verdict was returned when the case was finally heard.
A month or so later, and we had another member in court. This time his alleged crime was for ‘assault and resisting arrest’ at a Semi-final at Hampden. Again though, he was found not guilty. We have some other court cases pending as we speak, but we are confident these will go the same way as every other one so far. However, they are still obviously causing massive inconvenience and are having a huge effect on people’s livelihoods.

These charges have all led to our members missing matches watching and supporting the team they love. Celtic had banned every one of them while the cases were on-going. Indeed, the club do all they can to facilitate the Police and have offered no help whatsoever to their own support. After the match in Udine in December, Celtic banned a handful of supporters after flares were lit before kick off. One of these fans was a female season book holder in 111 whom, rather bizarrely, was watching the match from the comfort of her own living room! Thankfully, this was overturned eventually after it was pointed out to Celtic security that they had quite clearly made a rather embarrassing yet damaging mistake.

The level of surveillance applied to section 111 and the Green Brigade specifically verges on the surreal and is an astronomical waste of tax payers’ money. 90 minute surveillance clearly isn’t sufficient though as we learn from being filmed when approaching and leaving stadiums. A small band of Strathclyde Police following our members around Europe attempting to make their trips abroad uncomfortable also now appears to be common practice. Perhaps the hardest one for us to take is being filmed when inside Celtic Park hours early setting up for a display. Further from Celtic officials obviously accommodating such procedures they now believe it to be acceptable to hand over personal details of our members. Private information such as mobile phone numbers, names and addresses have been swapping hands without consent, even in instances where there is no alleged crime to answer for. Sadly, for us at least, this type of behaviour isn’t wholly surprising from Celtic officials – whether it is being sanctioned by Chief Executive Peter Lawwell who privately described our songs as ‘cancerous’ or Head of Security Ronnie Hawthorn who willingly will ban dedicated Celtic supporters offering them no chance of a defence against their alleged breach.

In recent weeks there has been a noticeable upsurge from Strathclyde Police in targeting the Celtic support. Up until now they have tried and failed to secure convictions for singing Irish Republican songs, attempting to concoct all manner of charges desperate to find one that will stick. Under their new ‘Anti-Football Legislation’ they are now targeting the Roll of Honour with a number of fans being arrested and charged with ‘offensive behaviour’ and even ‘Racial BOTP’ for singing this song. The most recent arrest being one of our members who was arrested while leaving Celtic Park at the Kilmarnock fixture and who has only just been released after being handed a weekend in the cells. Co-coincidentally, or ironically even, the accused just happens to be someone who has already been through the charade of a football charge with all the accompanying delights and he came away victorious. You’d excuse his paranoia for thinking he was being targeted and tested here.

Perhaps quite unbelievable to some it is not just at or around matches where we get such unwarranted attention. A few months ago one of our members applied for a licence to become a taxi driver. Normally, this would be a straight-forward procedure for a young man with nothing but a minor Breach of the Peace charge from his teenage years. Not quite. He received a letter explaining that his application had been rejected on the grounds that he’s not a ‘fit and proper person’ – an accusation based solely on his connections to the Green Brigade. This had come from the Chief Constable. Thankfully, after appeal, the licence was granted in the end but with no thanks to Strathclyde Police.

The above is just some of the instances of police harassment in the last 10-12 months. Not only is it causing innocent football fans great stress and hitting them badly in the pocket, it’s also costing the taxpayer a fortune. For too long, we have sat back and let them do as they please but it has to stop, and we hope that the coming weeks and months will eventually see a change in their approach and we can get back to supporting our team without fear of arrest at home or away. We believe we sacrifice an awful lot as individuals and as a group in what we do. We dedicate our time and money for our passion of supporting Celtic in our style and we have always attempted to maintain an amicable working relationship with Celtic employees for the benefit of both parties – even when in dispute over certain issues. However we will not tolerate the level of harassment we continue to face nor Celtic PLC’s compliant attitude.

Pay back time for the SNP #tcnfacfiles #JamesDornanmsp

Before you read this from 2012 here is a wee note to James Dornan MSP. James I know you read this site so in future if you are going to quote or use anything on this site in the debating chamber here are two tips.

  1. Make sure you quote correct numbers, not ones you make up.
  2. Check the actual date the article was first published.

You really made a clown of yourself.
Best regards.

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Let me start by stating that I want Independence for Scotland, I intend to vote yes in the referendum in 2014. However in tomorrows coulncil elections I plan to vote for a local independent candidate. This will be my protest to remind the SNP that I am not happy at the way the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012. was forced through the Scot’s Parliament.

This was against the wishes of the general public and to my mind criminalised a section of Scottish society. I said at the time I would not forget that and I won’t when I vote in the local council elections tomorrow. Anyone who witnessed the Glasgow derby at the weekend will have noticed this legislation did not make one bit of difference.

I urge every other football fan in Scotland to do the same. Hopefully this will give the SNP the kick up the arse that they need and ensures that his law is withdrawn before the 2014 referendum.

Make sure you vote but not for the SNP

Report from Offensive Behaviour Meeting #tcnfacfiles

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By Paul McKenna – Bishop Crosas CSC.

This ill advised law which many of us fought against comes into force on March first. Paul McKenna of Bishop Crosas CSC attended a Q&A session last night and has provided TCN with the key points from the meeting.

“Attended a meeting with the police team that will run the offensive behaviour act coming March 1st.

Mentions of the IRA in any song will not be allowed. Other teams mentioned are Hearts & Rangers with the famine song and Aberdeen with the Ibrox disaster. None of these are allowed under the bill.Question came up about ‘aggressive blessing’. They said you can bless yourself at games like the players do as they come on and off the park but they wont allow charging toward the segregation fence facing opposing fans and blessing yourself in front of them as this will be seen to ‘wind them up’, to use a looser term than offending them.

Also asked if using the word ‘hun’ would be sectarian, the answer was NO! As a stand alone word it will not stand up in court as hatred/offensive etc. But if you add on other offensive terms then it MAY fall into breaking the new law. For example: “you orange bastard dirty hun”, that’s an example I’m using there as an indicator of what I thought they meant.

‘Boys of the old brigade’ will be punishable under the new law as deemed by Lord Advocate to be in support of a terrorist organisation.

National anthems are EXEMPT from this new law at football grounds.

Law extends to travel periods. This will extend to a 12 hour window before and after a game. For example, act in a way that this law deems offensive 4 hours after a game in the pub then punishable under the penalties imposed as if you were at the ground.

Big clamp down on internet hate, especially on Facebook and Twitter. Places like ‘Huddleboard and ‘Follow Follow’ etc can’t be viewed by police until a member of that board reports a post. Same punishment of up to 5 years applies for internet related hatred/bigotry etc.

Offences committed by non-Scottish residents will be pursued for prosecution although admitted this will be tougher but will look at each case as and when it happens.

‘Having a party when Rangers die’ has been used by Celtic and Killie fans recently and if continues WILL NOT fall into breaking the new legislation as they see this in the context of banter.

The police presence at games will not increase or get heavy handed they say.

The meeting lasted a while and the questions don’t have to stop there. Lots more was discussed but the above is what I believe to be the main points that affect my attendance at a game. Aberdeen and Hearts fans were in attendance but didn’t really say much.”  @BishopCrosasCSC

Remember today when you go to the ballot box #tcnfacfiles

TCN FAC Files No 16 of 84 Dec 14th 2011

The SNP have got their way and pushed through an ill thought out and dangerous piece of legislation against the wishes of most of the country. They have succeeded in criminalising football supporters and done absolutely nothing about sectarianism in Scottish society. This smacks of narrow minded thinking and total arrogance. Continue reading “Remember today when you go to the ballot box #tcnfacfiles”

Illicit Scottish Songs. Your move Alex. #tcnfacfiles

TCN FAC Files No 14 of 84 Nov 26th 2011
Here’s a few Scottish songs that might put you in Jail under the new law.

These songs are openly seditious to the Crown, openly anti English and one openly slates King William of Orange. As a Scotsman I’m proud of these songs. However this is just the tip of the iceberg as far as oppression in Scotland is concerned. Scotland got totally raped in the same way as Ireland did by the English and their home grown collaborators (now known as the Conservative and Unionist Party ). Continue reading “Illicit Scottish Songs. Your move Alex. #tcnfacfiles”

Statue For Bobby – Celtic v R. Madrid Big Screen Fundraiser. @bobbylennox67

Hail, Hail !

I’m an old git  a proud member of the ‘Celtic Da’s’ who witnessed Bobby Lennox play. The Buzzbomb as he was known was a fantastic player and a great entertainer.

I’m very happy today to support ‘Statue For Bobby’ . This is a campaign to raise money to have a statue of the Buzzbomb erected in his home town of Saltcoats.

Here are the details of the latest and pretty fantastic effort to raise more funds on Feb 24th. I was at this game ‘up the jungle’. Some game of football to see !

We are showing the full Celtic vs Real Madrid 1980 match on a massive screen in a cinematic auditorium at St Matthew’s Saltcoats, this was Bobby Lennox’s last European game at Celtic Park,

he’ll be at the event there will be a European Cup and hoping the Stéfano Cup. We are working on other ex players.

Gerry McCulloch will be hosting the event. Tickets are only £5 and all funds will be going to the Bobby Lennox Statue Campaign.

we’d really appreciate if you could share this as much as you can. Doors open 1:30pm main feature starts 3pm Thanks for reading and we look forward to hearing back from you.


Celtic release a strong statement on sectarian offences #tcnfacfiles

TCN FAC Files No 12 of 84 Nov 18th 2011

TCN Welcomes Celtic FC’s Statement

As follows

Celtic Football Club Statement

By: Newsroom Staff on 18 Nov, 2011 13:58

FOLLOWING the release today of figures by the Scottish Government relating to charges under Section 74 of the Criminal Justice Scotland Act 2003 for the year 2010-2011, Celtic Football Club have released the following statement.

“Celtic Football Club welcomes the Crime and Justice report issued today. However, for clarity it is important to explain these figures and place these in context.

”It is noted that Celtic Park is mentioned as being the location for 47 charges. Fourteen of these offences relate to Celtic supporters, with 33 relating to supporters of visiting teams. (figs. provided by the Information Sharing Protocol  with Strathclyde Police).

”To again put this in context, during that period approximately one million Celtic supporters visited the stadium, and approximately 35,000 supporters of away teams have attended Celtic Park.

”It is important also to stress that the 14 Celtic supporters involved have all been banned from Celtic Park.

“The vast majority of religiously-aggravated crime does not take place in or around football stadia, with 90 offences reported at stadia out of a total of 693 offences.

”The claim that 231 offences are ‘football-related’ also needs further analysis. The majority of ´football-related´ offences take place away from football stadia .

”In addition, more than 60 per cent of the total number of offences are alcohol-related. It is clear, therefore, that this also re-enforces Celtic´s long-held view that sectarianism and religious prejudice are societal issues and cannot be laid predominantly at the door of football.

”Clearly, as a club open to all since its formation in 1888, Celtic will continue to work strenuously against all forms of bigotry and religious prejudice.

“While the vast majority of offences at Celtic Park have been committed by visiting supporters, it is important that our own support understands that any form of sectarian behaviour is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

“Celtic´s traditions of tolerance, diversity and openness are something we hold very dear and are fundamental to the Club´s ethos.”

Published on Celtic FC Web Site

So 14 Celtic Fans arrested from approx 1 million in attendance and 33 from approx 35,000 “away” supporters? This tells it’s own story. Time for the politicians, Police and media to back off from us and concentrate on the real culprits. We all know who they are.

FAC.Legal Defence Fund launched #tcnfacfiles

TCN FAC Files No 11 of 84 Nov 17th 2011

Published on Wednesday 16th November, 2011 by Celtic Trust

Many of you will be aware of the case of the young boy from Section 111 who was held in prison from Friday of last week till late last night when he was released, on the orders of the Lord Advocate, from Polmont Prison.  All this for the terrible crime of singing a song at a football match two weeks previously.  This case highlights the fear that many of us have around both the introduction of the Offensive Behaviour at Football Bill and the zealous nature of the policing of football in the run-up to it.

Many of us are clear that if we cannot defeat this Bill then we will need to be ready to defend Celtic fans on a case by case basis and some of the existing supporters’ organisations have committed themselves to this.  However, there have been a number of calls for a Defence Fund to be set up and this has now been done.

The FAC Legal Defence Fund has now been launched.  A bank account is being set up which will have as its main signatories Alex Mosson, the former Lord Provost of Glasgow and a member of the Board of the Celtic Trust; John Andrews, the President of the Celtic Supporters’ Association and Alan Horne, the President of the Affiliation of Registered Celtic Supporters Clubs.  In the meantime, you will be able donate via Paypal on those sites belonging to the member organisations of FAC who have this facility ie the Celtic Trust, the CSA, the Affiliation, the Irish Association and the Green Brigade.

If you are donating to the Fund in this way, please remember to indicate that the donation is for the FAC LDF.  If you forget to do this on Paypal then a simple email with the details to the relevant organisation should suffice.

The Celtic Trust paypal button can be found at the bottom of the home page and is marked Donate.

What’s Strathclyde Police’s Game ? #tcnfacfiles

TCN FAC Files No 10 of 84 Nov 14th 2011

As you all know by now I’m in favour of sticking to Celtic songs at games but we’ll put that to one side just now.

The news that a senior Strathclyde Police officer Eddie Smith approached UEFA delegates and made a complaint about what he classed as illicit chants at the Celtic Rennes game raises a few questions about the Polices motives.

As far as I’m aware the club were not notified at any time by the Police that this action had been taken. Why was this? I would have thought the club would have been the first people to be informed.

Another question is was this the first ever football match this particular Plod ever visited? I take it he was off duty during the league cup final and other Glasgow derbies over the past few seasons.

And finally (for now). How far up the chain of command and I’m including the SNP Government was it known that Smith would be carrying out this strange course of action?

Strathclyde Police do not enjoy the best of relationships with the Celtic support so unless they come out and explain how and why this unprecedented action was taken the relationship will only deteriorate.

FAC meeting abandoned after Scotland’s Shame turn up. #tcnfacfiles

TCN FAC Files No 9 of 84 Nov 12th 2011

The wife and myself made it down to Whitehill secondary for the FAC public meeting. We arrived around 12.45 and left by 1.00.

We were really looking forward to to hearing the speakers and getting ideas on pushing the campaign forward. Unfortunately five minutes after we arrived a group of RFC casuals turned up and announced themselves by shouting “Trick or Treat”. They sat themselves at the back of the small lecture theatre and someone from FAC told them that this was a serious meeting and that no one wanted any trouble. Not one of them had the decency to answer or allay any fears that they were there disrupt the meeting.

My wife became very uneasy with the atmosphere that developed so I suggested that we go out and move the car into the car park get some fresh air and then see how she felt. Well she made it clear when we were outside that she did not want to go back in. I agreed because I had a real nasty feeling about these lowlifes. They were not there to support the campaign but to disrupt the meeting. So we headed home. On the way back to the car we met another Celtic fan who said there was no point staying after “they” had turned up.

I don’t know what happened after we left but I’ve read some unsavoury chants were made. The problem with the Rangers support is that they have a large group of mindless facist thugs who follow that club. These people represent the dregs of Scottish society.

I feel sorry for those who organised and attended the meeting in good faith but once again Scotland’s Shame ruined the day.

Fans against Criminalisation Public Meeting 2 #tcnfacfiles

TCN FAC Files No 8 of 84 Nov 8th 2011

Lets unite and push this campaign forward!

There will be a Fans Against Criminalisation Public Meeting on Saturday 12 November (next Saturday) from 1-2.30.

Following on from the debate in the Scottish Parliament last week when the Government-sponsored Bill was opposed by every single MSP except those of the Government’s own party, it is important that we push on with the united opposition to this unnecessary but very dangerous legislation.

Details of speakers to follow. Please pass this information around.

The meeting will now take place between 1.00 and 2.30 at  Whitehill Secondary School, 280 Onslow Drive Dennistoun G31 2QF.