Celtic 2-0 Den Bosch – Players and Match report
Image via Celtic FC

Image via Celtic FC

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On the same day Celtic agree deal for Man Utd’s Janko, where we will pay Manchester United a compensation fee we started played our first game in what seems like, well a few weeks. As the Editor and my boss wrote here yesterday below this article 3 -2-1, Yer Back In The Room ! <Click) Celtic with a handful of 1st team players and kids for our first fitness game of 2015/2016 played very well, looked sharp and our fitness is a million times better than it was a year ago when we failed badly, nothing against Lenny here, Ronny has these boys fit and ready to go, by the time we play Icelandic side Stjarnan in the second qualifying round of the Champions League I think we will be as ready as any Celtic side have been in recent history, we just looked so comfortable, fit, we pressed the ball first to last and we frustrated Den Bosch so much I am surprised still, how they managed to finish this pre season friendly with 11 men. Celtic were just a few gears ahead of them but we had more, this was just being careful not to be injured and getting fit, Ronny below I am sure is saying ‘Ride the challenges lads, just get fit today only” Ronny is THAT GOOD! We are lucky, very lucky to have this man leading Celtic. This is his pre-season he arranged it, he has the power now to go over the heads of the PLC Board and didn’t take his badly in need of rest players to say the USA for a few Million Dollars. This is Ronny’s plan we seen last night and will do in the coming weeks, I can’t see him fail as his players are too strong, on side, wanting to work for Ronny and the fans ‘Just can’t get enough. We are I think a force that will be hard to stop in the CL Qualifiers, domestically we will do well, won’t be easy but the Treble will be wanted by all in Green and White hoops, we have the squad 100% we do

A good start to 2015/2016 Pre-season, Ronny arranged

A good start to 2015/2016 Pre-season, Ronny arranged

This was a game we just needed to begin with fellow Celtic fans. Usually pre-season games are pretty low standard and it can be said in the 2nd half last night Den Bosch just stopped us playing and it wasn’t till the last 10 minutes they gave anything to the game but Fasan in goal for Gordon had very little to do apart from a few decent saves you expect from a Celtic keeper, just decent saves from decent shots, Den Bosch really were poor or we were just so good with half the 1st team and kids, then at the end mainly kids, we just oozed class in our first game back considering who wasn’t playing, Brown, Johansen, Griffiths, Bitton, Gordon, Izzy etc, the depth in squad we have now we have trimmed with both Pukki and Balde with a few others to go off the wage bill…

 with chief scout John Park

Janko with chief scout John Park

…But we added Dedryck Boyata and Janko, Boyata I believe we paid £1.5 Million for and Janko we will pay a finders/coaching fee, around half a Million pounds or so. For £2M we have just signed very low risk players in terms of “If they are not up to speed ever or will take time, we have not spent a fortune” like we did before on say? Pukki, total waste of money but we did get a near £25M for Wanyama and Forster so it evens up always. Janko has been well coached we know and with Ronny as his coach and mentor alongside the 2 John’s in Collin’s and Kennedy and a helpful group of players led by Brown will be looked after and developed into a Celtic player, I think he will do just that, Boyata I know will do brilliant, last night he walked through that game and he is very low in full match fitness so more to come, lots more. I think we have signed 2 players Ronny will play work well with, Boyata at CB Janko in maybe 3 positions maybe 4. I think Janko will be trained 1st to be a Central Defender but also as a right back or right midfielder in Ronny’s sometimes very complicated but good 4-2-3-1 formation.

Dedryck Boyata walked through this game and he is SO unfit according to Ronny. Great start!

Dedryck Boyata walked through this game and he is SO unfit according to Ronny. Great start!

Celtic took the lead on 3 minutes, some great build up play involving my TCN man of the match Tom Rogic led to Stuart Armstrong stringing a brilliant pass through to Gary McKay Stevens who rounded the keeper with ease to make it a very early but well deserved 1-0 to Celtic, we truly made it so very easy on the eye early on in this game. Gary Mackay-Steven Had a fine game, fast reminding me of a player we have a statue outside on. Young version with THAT potential, looks for now are uncanny. Can he reach that level? Well why not? He has been rejected in England, we seen how excited he was to sign, we laughed at him talking, so exited. Why can’t he be? Just saying as he scored 1 and set the other up, be it an own goal.

Gary Mackay Steven cross pass to Scepovic is turned in by Den Bosch Defender

Gary Mackay Steven cross pass to Scepovic is turned in by Den Bosch Defender

2-0 came on 25 Minutes when 1st goal scorer Gary McKay Stevens got the ball from good build up play on the right, he beat a few men got the goal line and I think was looking to find Scepovic at the back post for a tap in but before Scepovic was ready to wheel away after scoring a goal, Den Bosch defender Pantophlet could do nothing as the ball cannoned off his shin I think after being palmed away by goalkeeper Kees Heemskerk. 2-0 Celtic and we were flying

Via @CelticGoals – Keep up good work!! #HH 


Gary McKay Stevens rounds the keeper…………


………Calmly slotted home for 1-0, brilliant goal!


Donnelly and Tierney give GMS a high five for effort 😀

2-0 Via @CelticGoals

Den Bosch were out to maybe play football but got very angry at how good Celtic were so started to throw in really bad challenges on every and any Celtic player in sight, they couldn’t compete in a 1st game friendly of the coming season they resorted to trying to hurt Celtic players, lets not beat about the bush as they were out to hurt. Jordy Winden was main sinner and he got only a yellow and 1 warning.

OI, MY RULES BHOYS! Referee Kevin Clancy.

OI, MY RULES BHOYS! Referee Kevin Clancy.

When a Celtic player made a similar challenge and that was hardly ever, Scottish Referee Kevin Clancy was ‘Perhaps too quick to run up to Celtic players and give them verbals, strange as it is (Right?) He did not do this with all challenges from Den Bosch, maybe why Ronny hooked Lustig and Armstrong on 40 minutes, 5 minutes before half time to the bemusement of every Celt’ watching. Looking back no reports of any injuries worth worrying about so maybe at the time Ronny was thinking “My players could get injured in the 1st Friendly of the season” knowing this happened with Scott Brown last season and we did miss him for the qualifiers. So this was a game that will do us no harm what-so-ever, it proves we can still play football well and ignore the abuse around our players be it verbal or physical! This is a good sign!

MOM, Rogic played well even though Bosch were out to hurt, bruiser of a game!

Man of the Match, Rogic played well even though Bosch were out to hurt, bruiser of a game!

Some regular players played very well, some fringe players played good, Rogic as I say got my Man of the match but for every 2 Tom Rogic’s and hope of almost ‘A new player we have a Derk Boerrigter. Sadly I don’t think him nor Scepovic just 2 examples here of players who are just not good enough, sadly not in the Green and White Hoops. Often we see or hear a player Celtic sign and we expect big things, these two Boerrigter and Scepovic with Pukki are 3 that seem not to have worked, Pukki for sure. But turn the coin around we got Wanyama and Hooper, Virgil Van Dijk not knowing what to expect and they delivered. Celtic is a business and for every £3M we seem to waste on a Pukki type player we make £10M or so on a Wanyama or Forster, also we have a manager who will demand with NO FEAR his youth players reach Champions League level. You would think the Scottish Main Stream Media would write “Ronny is good for the Scottish game” for many reasons, keeping GMS and Armstrong in Scotland and will coach them into Champions League players BETTER STILL! We seen with Armstrong Vs Inter Milan he is almost Champions League ready, what will the finished or as best article be with Armstrong for example? See where I am going with Ronny and young players? We are in great hands with Ronny

St Mirren's Stadium got a make-over for the next week

St Mirren’s Stadium got a make-over for the next week

The squad right now I think in Ronny’s mind still needs to lose maybe 3 players. I think the kids we had out today will stay, maybe a few will be loaned out like Henderson and McGregor were and it worked, so we never know what we get. We have a good hard strong quality squad that can go both specturms of what Football needs, that is of course Playing good football to grinding out results when the opposition are either nasty or sitting in, we are very slowly with good pace at the same time developing into something special my Celtic friends. I always look to pre-season as ‘Lets get the lads fit’ and when we have a good pre-season we often have a dodgy start to our season, as last year proves. Remember we won the Wembley Cup with Tony Mowbray? Look what happened there!

We trust this man, the club, board players and fans, he deserves every roar!!

We trust this man, the club, board players and fans, he deserves every roar!!

In Ronny we are trusting, good times are coming to paradise, for me we are just too good not to be in European Champions League this season. All that can trip us up potentially is bad luck, player sent off or a dodgy penalty like last season’s Scottish Cup Semi Final, football luck aside we are seeded all the way through so we can do this, I think we will do this and maybe go last 16 at least, and of course the players want all 3 Domestic trophies this season. Last night was a good steady start so feet on the ground, but it is hard to not get carried away, pre-season results are a bonus, so lets know as long as we perform in competition, that is what counts, Ronny showed us we can with his players in the last half of last season and some!

Ask for reason’s Celtic players need to up their game this season? This is it right here! #HH Shauny 

Final Score – Wednesday, July 1, 2015
CELTIC (Mackay-Steven 3, O.G. Pantophlet 25) 2-0  FC DEN BOSCH
Man of the Match – Tom Rogic, played it easy, could have scored and a bag of tricks

Next Friendly – Saturday 4th July. Dukla Prague, Friendly, 12:30 Kick off (N) St. Mirren Park

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@CelticNetwork15 Only Celtic site to follow everyone back

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