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Propaganda against an independent Scotland goes into full gear!

100 days today till the vote that will free my country from austerity and a regime out to look after their own and their own pockets. A quick look at the Sunday paper front pages and we see unreal propaganda aimed at the undecided and Yes voters. So I like many will highlight this in

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FAC goes to Aberdeen and gets a Section 12 Notice

FAC goes to Aberdeen and gets a Section 12 Notice The plan by FAC to organise a protest at SNP Spring 2014 conference was made a few weeks before the event.  It was advertised on social media and on websites belonging to the organisations which make up FAC.  Nothing too earthshattering here it has to be said

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Hocus FoCUS – Dons Cop it !

Hocus FoCUS – Dons Cop it ! Well I think we have all seen some ridiculous repercussions of the Offensive Behavior at Football and Threatening Communications Act 2012 but the latest decision by Hocus FoCUS and senior Police takes the prize! It has emerged that the original display planned by Aberdeen supporters below was knocked back

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Matheson Slams Offensive Behaviour Act

Matheson Slams Offensive Behaviour Act I’m certainly not a fan of Gordon Matheson. There are issues around parades throughout Glasgow and his perceived closeness to the Orange Order that I have a major issue with. However as leader of Scotland’s largest local authority his letter to Roseanna Cunningham, must be supported. In a letter published by The

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Data Protection Act – Short summary

Data Protection Act – Short summary This is just the first part of information we will be releasing regarding your rights under the Data Protection act. Over the next few weeks we will be releasing more information to enable supporters to find out if their data is being held securely or being passed on to

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Roll of Honour release statement by FAC

Roll of Honour release statement Published on Sunday 9th February, 2014 by Celtic Trust original  copy on Expose the hypocrites – download Roll of Honour! Fans Against Criminalisation have by now officially launched our single ‘’Roll of Honour’’ in association with The Irish Brigade. FAC have done so to highlight the absurdity that is the Offensive Behaviour at

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European Commission looking into Celtic land deals

To read this today made me more than angry, a complaint was submitted that brings into question land deals done between Celtic and Glasgow City Council hinting towards some kind of state aid or help from banks make me angry, very angry. We can speculate where the complaint came from that is all, but an

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Are You Concerned About Fans Harassment ?

Are You Concerned About Fans Harassment ? Hail, Hail fellow Tims. Tonight I’ve noticed several of our fellow supporters complaining about fan harassment at today’s match. This is no big surprise to me as I’ve been involved with Fans Against Criminalisation for a couple of years now. However what I’d like to say is that

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Green Brigade Statement 27-11-13

The Celtic Network Support The Green Brigade and FAC Green Brigade Statement 27-11-13 ORIGIONAL CONTENT FROM As a member of Fans Against Criminalisation the Green Brigade are fully committed to highlighting, challenging and tackling the systemised campaign of criminalisation and harassment – orchestrated by the Scottish Government and implemented by Police Scotland – against

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