Celtic, hatred and the Scottish racist media

Growing up called Shaun and being a Celtic fan now aged 41 years old, looking back even though living in Edinburgh, can be a bit tricky at times. Sadly it is what a large portion of Scottish society is and will keep becoming I get abuse from the so called tough guys, but when I pull them on it "Ahh Shaun it was only fun mate" Scared men who will happily be big when all Loyalist or Unionist mates are around, you guys in Glasgow get it worse, no argument, I have not…Read more
FAC launches petition to the Scottish Government calling for repeal of the Act

FAC launches petition to the Scottish Government calling for repeal of the Act

FAC launches petition to the Scottish Government calling for repeal of the Act As we head towards the August deadline for the review of the Act, Fans against Criminalisation has today launched a petition calling on the Scottish Government to repeal the Offensive Behaviour Act once and for all.  Here is your opportunity to make your views knowns and to let the lawmakers know that this is a bad law and one which discriminates against football fans; criminalises Hamilton fans for saying ‘Fuck yer well’ (two 18 years olds got 3 nights in…Read more

What exactly are Celtic up against in Scotland?

This is a story I have read and seen since I started supporting Celtic as a young teenager. Always an honest mistake, always just a mistake. Over the last 20 years we can point to many honest mistakes. Old Rangers v Celtic at Ibrox, good goal by Jorge Cadete not given and the signing of the player that got SFA chief Jim Farry sacked back in 1997. Fergus McCann stood up to the SFA and like Hugh Dallas he was released of his duties for cheating Cadete missed the following matches: February 24th, Celtic…Read more
Teen appears in court for abusing Jay Beatty on-line

Teen appears in court for abusing Jay Beatty on-line

Jay Beatty is a huge Celtic and Georgios Samaras fan, Jay won goal of the SPFL's January Goal of the Month award when he scored a penalty at half time when Celtic visited Hamilton in the league to huge roars of encouragement from Celtic fans, was a truly amazing moment for the club, fans, Jay and his family. I don't get on-line abuse, but Jay had his moments doing a team talk in the changing room, sitting on the team bus, walking on the park with Sammy then another penalty at Paradise. He was awarded…Read more
Police Scotland Telling Lies Again ?

Police Scotland Telling Lies Again ?

Hail, Hail, just a short one. I was sent this link to a judgement in appeal over case of Celtic fans being charged/convicted of singing Roll of Honour. Regardless of your personal opinion on whether this song is offensive or should be sung at football games, the main point of contention here is contained in Section 8 of the judgement. FULL JUDGEMENT HERE https://www.scotcourts.gov.uk/search-judgments/judgment?id=b1edcaa6-8980-69d2-b500-ff0000d74aa7 [8]        On the merits of the application, the court is satisfied that it is not arguable that there was insufficient evidence for the sheriff to conclude that there was a…Read more

The Curious Case OF Leigh Griffiths

The Offensive Behaviour at Football Act has been plunged into the spotlight again. Police Scotland have charged Leigh Griffiths under the act for an allegedly singing a 'racist' song in a bar full of Hibs fans. Whether he is guilty or not is not my concern, it is the question of why he and he alone was charged under this act when he could have been charged under existing race legislation ? In my opinion Police Scotland are pulling a stunt here, if Griffiths is convicted they can say that the act is…Read more

The O.B Act Was Always Going To Fail

I hope many of you have now seen the video published by STV last night. Being personally involved I have to say that while it was good in dispelling some of the myths about the Green Brigade it failed to really focus on the most important part, and that was the visit to Holyrood. However I know there is plenty of footage 'in the can' and I hope there is a follow up which focuses on the main reasons that has led us there on several occasions since 2012. The Offensive Behaviour At…Read more

The Banned Bhoys by STV – FAC

Big thanks to Peter Adam Smith for putting this together. This film was put together by STV, It's a mixture of interviews with FAC and GB members. Some of it filmed in the CSC and also following us on our visit to the Scottish Parliament. Hopefully this will dispel myths about the GB and the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act 2012. For my part I apologise for no fixing ma coat collar, and great to see the wife supporting the GB  :) Big thanks to everyone involved. HH Wullie. In this special report,…Read more

Sir Stephen House, Letter to Jackie Baillie MSP

Letter From Sir Stephen House (head of Police Scotland) To Jackie Baillie MSP regarding the Policing of Celtic fans in the Gallowgate 16/03/2013. I was hoping to publish this tomorrow with my personal critique however due to having a lot of work on I've not finished that yet. I hope to publish my views on this piece of fiction on Tuesday. Meanwhile I thought it would be a good idea to publish tonight and give everyone a chance to read it. The letter makes mention to the Green Brigade, however I would like…Read more

On Monday – That Stephen House Letter

Hail, Hail ! Following on from the launch of FAC's report on the events in the Gallowgate on Saturday March 16, 2016 we will be taking a look at a letter. The letter in question is from Scotland's top Policeman Sir Stephen House sent to Jackie Baillie SLab MSP, in reply to her request for information on Police action and resource deployment on that day. The letter is a litany of fantasy and mistruths. So enjoy the rest of your weekend and we'll see you on Monday. Hail, Hail Wullie Give us a follow…Read more