Celtic Talk Spotlight

On the 17th of October 2007 the domain name Celtictalk.org was quickly chosen for a new small Celtic forum. Thanks to co-admin Regicfc the site grew a lot faster than I expected. It’s now approaching 200,000 posts and has over 6 million views.

Back in 2007 the internet was quite quiet, there was no facebook or twitter and youtube was only two years old. During this period there was four main Celtic sites, I was a moderator on what I considered the best one. After a while the site started to take a turn for the worse as the internet grew.

So down the line I created my own Celtic site that would fit in with the new generation of the internet. CelticTalk was formed to welcome everyone, be a peaceful community without resorting to heavy handed tactics and be full of the best Celtic content you could get on the web.

The community settled after a year and a half which allowed me to focus on making the most advanced Celtic site on the web.

We now run the most elegant forum software with fully custom made skins. This is also welcomed by the CelticTalk blog. Although the blog is our front page, it only came into existence two years ago.

The Blog has really helped the site bond with Facebook, Youtube, twitter and other Celtic sites. The aim of Celtictalk is simply to be a friendly place open for everyone and to showcase Celtic using the most advanced technology available.

If you have anything to do with Celtic that will improve the Celtic community we are willing to help you; podcast, book, videos, charities or views. Text is becoming old on the internet and will eventually be replaced with Podcasts, internet streams and Youtube videos.

So we might not be the biggest Celtic site but we will always push the boundaries of what the internet can do.

Josh Gaffney.

You can Join Celtic Talk HERE

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