Daily Record ‘journo’ In Celtic Paedo Slur

A daily record churnalist has been caught out on twitter slurring Celtic fans as paedophiles only hours after publishing an attack on Celtic CEO Peter Lawwell.

He was so excited about his first big ‘splash’ that he decided to celebrate by taking to Twitter.

Alan Clark who’s account is now locked is clearly someone who should not be near print media. In saying that it was the daily record which could never be classed as news print. More like a down market Daily Star with a dwindling readership.

Alan you should be ashamed of yourself and issue an apology on the back page of your rag.


19 thoughts on “Daily Record ‘journo’ In Celtic Paedo Slur”

  1. Typical Scottish media turd who poses as a journalist. Just highlighting what we already know: anti-Catholicism is alive and well with these scumbags.

  2. Can pressure also be applied to our own bloggers for posting stories that have come from this Sh** Rag .” Celticnewsnow ” is particularly guilty in highlighting ” articles ” from there .

  3. It seems you can take a jobby, dress itvup in fine clothes, even try and educate it but at the end end of the day it’s still a jobby. As has been said, any Celtic fan or even decent football fan buying this excuse for a paper needs a long hard look at themselves.

  4. If the Daily Record had any credibility as a serious paper it would sack anyone who issues statements such as these. on short, this is paramount to a hate crime.

  5. to hear this endless barrage from the cowardly cretins, hiding behind a keyboard,with little fear of exposure, he has shown himself, is there a legal avenue worth pursuing,if not,there is mmore than one way to skin a rat.

  6. This guy needs to be held accountable for his actions…will it happen? Will it fxck because these so called journalists think they are above the law

  7. Rot in hell Alan Clark you fucking rat. If me being a Celtic fan makes me a “paedo” what does you being a cretin of a “reporter” from the daily rag make you? I see you’re accounts locked now not so fucking brave anymore

  8. my father, god rest his soul, stopped buying this load of garbage 25 years ago, because of its reporting and blatant lies, and I did the same, time to ban this lot from Celtic Park now

  9. Disgraceful that gutter snypes like this can be allowed to spout their bile over social media and still keep jobs in the media!!

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