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Kibera Celtic Foundation is a registered charity in Kenya and was established in 2008 as a self help programme, linking sport with small business development, AIDS awareness and other community programmes, including health and education.

Kibera Celtic has no religious, ethnic or political allegiances. The football club currently has 1 men’s team and 1 women’s team, with 25 players in each squad. Both teams are currently champions of Nairobi and are entering the nationwide leagues, which start in March 2011. The average age of the men’s team is 17 and the women’s is 16. Already Kibera has found national success with 1 player in the men’s U20 Kenyan national squad, 5 players in the men’s U17 national squad and 5 players in the women’s U20 national squad.

Kibera Celtic understands that sport alone cannot address all the issues of people living in slums; it is for this reason that the club has initiated a wider programme of development that will start to address some of the issues facing the residents of Kibera. In this regard the club has already secured funding and purchased a team bus, which will be used on non match days to generate revenues by hiring it out to 3rd parties.

In addition, funding has been secured to establish a fresh water supply business and a car wash business. These initiatives alone stand to create 25 jobs. Other job creating initiatives are planned for this year. These businesses will help ensure that all players have either a full time job or are in full time education.

It is intended to expand this programme into the wider community where poverty and unemployment are rife. Already, Kibera Celtic is becoming a focus for hope in the slum where, due to the success of both the men’s and women’s teams on the field, the players are held in high esteem, becoming role models for the younger generation. Amongst many planned community projects are AIDS awareness campaigns, an anti-malaria advisory service and even rubbish recycling efforts fronted by the team players and coaches and targeting the youth of Kibera.

These days, Kibera Celtic are a regular feature in the Kenyan sports pages and even television reports. As election year draws closer, the Slum Bhoys want the true message behind their motto to reach the widest possible audience:



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