Support Celtic related good causes

TCN would like to ask the Celtic family to visit and support our partner charities via our Good Causes pages .
These organisations do invaluable work both home and abroad and reflect the charitable ethos of Celtic Football Club. So far we are officially supporting the KANO Foundation and The Good Child Foundation and we are delighted to announce that the John Hartson Foundation will be joining us in the next few days.

Changes on TCN.

Hail, Hail.
Due to the early success of TCN we have had to make some changes to the site. When we started out we had ten sites submitting news feeds. To accommodate this we restricted each newsfeed to display only one item of news. However in the first few weeks this grew to 17 sites submitting feeds and we found the front page getting longer and longer. Obviously we had to look at a better way to display our partners news feeds.

Celtic Thump Utd

I went along to the game on Saturday thinking that we would win 2 – 0 in what would be a tough game. Well I was half right it was a tough game with Celtic players being kicked all over the park.
This was always going to be a big test for us with our two top players from last season missing but apart from some dodgy defending at times the team came through with flying colours and thumped in five goals.

Step forward Charlie Mulgrew

The injury to Izzy has handed big Charlie Mulgrew the chance to show us what he has as a left back.

Charlie was one of our unsung signings from last season. It's fair to say that most fans were not to impressed when Neil Lennon brought Charlie back to Celtic for a second time. He played a few games at left back early last season but never looked too convincing except for one SPL game at Celtic park when he played really well but pulled up with a hamstring injury and had to go off.

It’s easy to laugh



But it’s harder to see the truth.

So we’ve had another day of the Laptop Loyal deflecting the truth about RFC’S tax affairs even although Phil Mac told us all that the Sheriff’s officers were due at Ibrox a few days ago. He not only told us but he told certain representatives of the laptop loyal. However as usual they chose to forget. Maybe I’m being harsh so I’ll say their Editors forgot.

This really doesn’t matter because at the end of the day the only thing that should concern us is the progress of Celtic FC.

The truth of the matter is that as much as the Laptop Loyal are giving Craig Whyte an easy ride they are also giving the Celtic board an equally easy ride.