Motherwell “The Family Club” –TCN Statement.

Over the past week or so TCN has been inundated with replies from Motherwell fans and others including certain members of the “Tartan Army” regarding our Article Motherwell “The Family Club” .
Most of the replies have been nothing more than Whataboutery and denial and shouts of Paranoia. We took the decision not to print these replies as they do not in any way contribute to tackling sectarianism and racism in Scotland.

And Now For Something Completely Different.

The International break has gave us time to lick our wounds and now that we have the AGM out of the way we have no distractions. Time to move on.
We have a good record at Rugby Park and I don’t see why that should change tomorrow. We’re now drinking in the last chance saloon as far as the title goes and I’m sure the Manager and his players know that but I do think we can start to build our season on a decent result tomorrow.

AGM – What would you ask the board ?

Tomorrows AGM will be watched closer than any other in recent times. Many fans will be looking for a statement of intent from the board as to how they plan to take the club forward in a more progressive manner than we have witnessed over the past 5 years.
The current board could never be accused of frittering money away but the consensus amongst an increasing amount of the support is that ‘current fiscal policy is damaging the clubs standing and quality of the product‘. Translating this into normal speak the standard of player we are bringing in is dropping and the football team is suffering.

Fans Agaisnt Criminalisation – New Campaign against anti-Football Bill

Today saw the launch of Fans against Criminalisation. 
It was backed by the Celtic Trust web site Complete with a Launch statement that you can read HERE .
We would ask that all Celtic fans and fans of other clubs support this new campaign by following and liking the Facebook page which has been set up .

Fans stuck in limbo.

So lets have a debate

The latest defeat to Hearts has started a great debate on Twitter, Facebook and fans sites. Due to the international break the fans are now left in limbo till the next Celtic game were I suspect voices of dissatisfaction will start to be heard. Until then the debate between the fans will go on.We do of course have the AGM coming up soon however I doubt we’ll get anything from that.

Celtic Down but not out.

I was optimistic before today’s game I had allowed myself to think that maybe the performance against Udinese would have gave the team a lift and a bit of belief to put a poor start of the season behind them and kick on. Well I was wrong big time.
So the roller coaster that is season 2011/12 continues to hurl on. So far we have had a couple of highs but the majority of this season has seen far more lows. There have been contrasting reactions from the support today ranging from calls for heads to roll at managerial and board room members. There has also been legitimate concerns about the performance of our strikers and of course injuries to key

Celtic V Udinese. Two ways of looking at it.

European football returns to Celtic Park tonight and there are two ways of looking at that.
The first way is that this game and the other Europa League ties are bonus games in a tournament that we won’t win therefore the manager, fans and players should see it as such and chill out a bit. It’s a great distraction from the SPL, which gives the players and the coaching team a chance to test themselves against a higher level of opposition than they would normally face in the SPL.