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The Game is a Bogey

With todays news that the SPL board will vote through new regulations on the 30th April we can all well and truly say the game is a bogey. http://www.scotprem.com/content/default.asp?page=s2&newsid=11256&back=home  Where does this leave sporting integrity? Who will be next? What is to stop Hearts or Dunfermline or Kilmarnock or indeed Celtic from increasing their debts […]

The If’s & And’s of the RFC Situation

By Guest writer @606AlfieConn Over the past number of months there must have been hundreds of thousands if not millions of words written on the subject of RFC and the current situation that the club now finds itself in. Countless discussions have taken place on forums, chat-rooms, phone-in shows, the written media, TV & pubs. I […]