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Administration + 1- So What's Changed ?

Well rather a lot. As we celebrate Administration Day by consuming jelly and ice cream I think it’s only right that we look back over the year to see what has changed. 1. The Scottish Media: Well there has not been much change there. Churnalists in the Succulent Lamb brigade are still trying to deflect […]

FAO. Ra Peepil – Celtic have never been in Administration.

We receive a lot of comments from fans of Rangers FC (in administration) which for obvious reasons never make it through the moderation process, therefore saving the world from reading vile unadulterated nonsense. Over the past week we have received many comments from the followers of Rangers FC (in administration) telling us that we and the laptop loyal […]

The If’s & And’s of the RFC Situation

By Guest writer @606AlfieConn Over the past number of months there must have been hundreds of thousands if not millions of words written on the subject of RFC and the current situation that the club now finds itself in. Countless discussions have taken place on forums, chat-rooms, phone-in shows, the written media, TV & pubs. I […]