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Axe The Act – Contact Your MSP

New email campaign launched today As we write the draft Stage 1 report from the Justice Committee of the Scottish Parliament is being prepared.  This report which summarises the evidence provided  in relation to the Repeal of the Offensive Behaviour and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012 will be presented to Parliament and voted on before […]

Matheson Slams Offensive Behaviour Act

Matheson Slams Offensive Behaviour Act I’m certainly not a fan of Gordon Matheson. There are issues around parades throughout Glasgow and his perceived closeness to the Orange Order that I have a major issue with. However as leader of Scotland’s largest local authority his letter to Roseanna Cunningham, must be supported. In a letter published by The […]

Roll of Honour release statement by FAC

Roll of Honour release statement Published on Sunday 9th February, 2014 by Celtic Trust original  copy on http://celtictrust.net/?func=d_home_article&id=467 Expose the hypocrites – download Roll of Honour! Fans Against Criminalisation have by now officially launched our single ‘’Roll of Honour’’ in association with The Irish Brigade. FAC have done so to highlight the absurdity that is the Offensive Behaviour at […]

Green Brigade Statement 27-11-13

The Celtic Network Support The Green Brigade and FAC Green Brigade Statement 27-11-13 ORIGIONAL CONTENT FROM   http://greenbrigade.proboards.com/thread/60665/green-brigade-statement-27-11?page=1&scrollTo=1468898 As a member of Fans Against Criminalisation the Green Brigade are fully committed to highlighting, challenging and tackling the systemised campaign of criminalisation and harassment – orchestrated by the Scottish Government and implemented by Police Scotland – against […]

The SNP Government & Police Acting Like Criminals

The SNP Government & Police Acting Like Criminals From the start let me make this perfectly clear. I am not writing this on behalf of FAC, The Celtic Trust or any other fan body. This is my personal view. The email campaign ran over the past two weeks calling for an early review of the  Offensive […]

Review the Act Now!

Review the Act Now! Published on Tuesday 29th October, 2013 by Celtic Trust http://www.celtictrust.net/index.php?func=d_home_article&id=443  Let’s make it an issue for them Despite the Offensive Behaviour Act being supported only by the governing party members, there has been a marked absence, with a few honourable exceptions, of MSPs of other parties pushing to have this legislation reviewed and hopefully repealed.  […]

The Struggle Goes On. . .

The Struggle Goes On. . . By @St_Sixtus – Drumbhoy published with permission from – http://drumbhoy.wordpress.com/ As the dust settles on Thomas Rannachans Axe The Act Campaign in the Govan by-election campaign, I thought I’d write down a few paragraphs on it all. The campaign was most definitely a success. It was a success because the SNP […]

Axe The Act – Govan By Election

Axe The Act – Govan By Election Vote and Support Thomas Rannachan The Celtic Network supports Thomas Rannachan in the upcoming Govan By Election Thomas Rannachan, is a 36 year old who is standing as an Independent candidate in the Govan by-election on Thursday 10th October 2013, under the Axe the Act banner.  As an Independent, he […]