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USE THE FORCE, CELTIC. A comment on Charlotte Fakes’ revelations and their effects on Scottish Football Yes, I accept this is Champions League week and we have an exceptionally exciting football match coming up on Wednesday.  That, I confess should be what occupies our minds and hearts at this moment and one would expect nothing […]

It’s Healthy To Ask Questions

Questions are good, they are essential in the development of the human condition and a free society. Everyone has the right to question anything without fear or prejudice. You might not like some questions, you also may not like the person asking them but no one should be belittled or chastised for asking questions. Yesterday’s […]

Celtic Board should have gambled early.

Since Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink’s departure three years ago we have been screaming out for a big powerful centre forward the  type of guy who would complement the like of Stokes Hooper in the same way Sutton and Hartson complimented the smaller strikers around them. We gave it a shot with brining in Murphy last season and it […]

Scott Brown. An Agents Fault ?

Let me say as a football supporter I hate agents in general. They suck a disproportionate amount of money out of football and put nothing back in. However I don’t like this latest stuff coming out from Celtic regarding the Scott Brown situation. According to the manager, everything has been agreed but the Agents fee […]

Death to Taxes

By Graham Wilson. Beyond the Waves. After the final whistle this past Sunday, and the scoreline was revealed, the first image I had in my mind was a scene of a laughing Peter Lawwell, after he made a joke at the expense of Them. He said, “well last night we had a 29 million offer […]