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‘Negotiation is the KI to business…the world over!’

You know I really am a hard man to please sometimes, in fact I’d go a little further than that, I can be a proper moaning faced twat….at least when it comes to money. I often wonder how a nation so stereotyped as ‘tight’, ‘shrewd’, ‘miserly’ and ‘demanding’, can in football terms at least…be so […]

The Clear out has started but a few more may still go

So far Big Dan, Cha Du-Ri,Dominic Cervi, Darren O’Dea, Niall McGinn and Richie Towell have been moved on without a penny in return however wages have been freed up. The squad was bloated so a decent bit of trimming was required. We are quite well covered in most areas. Now we get to the point of […]