Thank God for Charlie Mulgrew !

Charlie Mulgrew, Charlie Mulgrew
Only a year ago Charlie had played a hand full of games in which he wasn’t really welcomed whole heartedly by sections of the support. Then he done his hamstring and was out for a while. He was a surprise inclusion in the New years game at Ibrox playing left midfield and the rest as they say is history.
Since that game Charlie Mulgrew has been without doubt our most consistent and reliable player so much so that in the past week he has salvaged 4 pts for a struggling team. Some better payed players should go and have a word with Charlie about commitment and dedication.

Will the real Celtic please stand up ?

I never thought that a game against Aberdeen this early in the season would be critical but this one is. The past two games have offered us some hope in terms of the fact that the team fought their way back into the games.
Lets be honest how many of us actually thought that the team could come back from 3 – 0 down well into the second half of last weeks game? But we done it and more importantly we came back from a self inflicted wound in Europe as well.