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Fantastic Voyage

Need to stop using these old Bowie song titles but Fantastic Voyage just works so well when we take account of our Champions League campaign. I remember before a ball was kicked in anger feeling that even a place in the Europa League would be great for our young team to get some more experience. […]

What a Champion Weekend

Well where do I start ? Friday night I was determined to remain sober and just sit back and enjoy Over and Over but by 5.00 the nerves started to kick in and I surrendered myself to a bottle of medicinal wine and bottles of Cider thinking that would knock me out and I’d get a sleep. How […]

Glasgow Celtic Champions ? V Kilmarnock

Here we go again another nail biting weekend. We are now 1pt from being Champions but can we do it? I bloody hope so. We Celtic fans have been through the wringer over the past few weeks and there have been a couple of major downers but that’s supporting Celtic for you. Personally I’d rather be disappointed […]