You may say I’m a dreamer…..

So Charles green thinks Scottish football is a mess does he. Lets take a look that shall we. After a summer of discontent, doomsday scenarios and predictions of civil unrest, Armageddon and everything in between from most of the people connected to Scottish football if Charlie’s tribute act to the occasional embarrassment and permanent disgrace […]

‘And The Cry Was Armageddon’

    The season started amidst great howls of disapproval and of disbelief from the shoddy Scottish media, whilst simultaneously the fans of Rangers F.C. very much vociferously professed their lack of sympathy with the ‘plight’ of all and sundrie in both the SPL and SFL Division One. To say that both the media and the fans of Deceased F.C. were disgruntled […]

‘The Ship Called DIGNITY’

Indulge my whimsical notions for a ten or so short minutes, lend me your eyes, your mind and your time…come with me on a journey…nae, a voyage…a voyage of discovery! Still with me?! Ok, if your seated comfortably and if your safely aboard the vessel, we shall set sail for a bygone age, for a journey through time…please […]

'It's Not Me, It's You…It's Complicated!!'

  It has become something of a cliché, but “it’s a funny old game” has rarely been more accurate a statement. Celtic resisted all temptation to deliver a dose of verbal reality to both the Scottish mainstream media and to Sevco in the wake of another pantomime performance, nae a circus clown show by Mr Charles […]

'Duty-Free Pot Calling Duty-Free Kettle…'

You know that old saying “That’s the pot calling the kettle black”? To be honest its not a favourite of mine, frankly it’s one which I rarely ever use on account of it’s idiocy. Anyway rather than me explain its meaning to you bhoys and ghirls, I’ve left it to Wikipedia to be so insulting of your intelligence. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pot_calling_the_kettle_black […]

'Noises in the Dark. Voices from the Asylum'

@brianbhoy07 The negative aspects are just too many to list, at least comprehensively so. The reasons for dabbling in such a financially draining enterprise, yet to be fully justified to myself. If entering the murky waters of Scottish Football has ever profited an individual in entirety, then I’d like to know who. Fergus you say?!…Sure […]