Celtic Fans Media. So far ahead of the game.

The Celtic Network was created to give Celtic fans a credible alternative to mainstream media and after the first two months we’re delighted to announce that we are starting to deliver.
We have already had 50,809 unique visitors with roughly 8,000 of those visitors leaving the site to visit our partner sites. Most sites would moan about that amount of visitors leaving to go on to other sites but we are delighted with the numbers and we hope that over time the numbers will increase.

CQN Raise the bar for fans media

Hot on the release of the wonderful CQ magazine the team at CQN have now launched CQN TV.
They are now interviewing Celtic fans outside the stadium asking them for theirviews on Celtic issues. This is a great leap forward for Celtic fans independent media and shows what can be done when fans decide to take things into their own hands.