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Friday Fun Tommy and Craig Whyte

Tommy in Glasgow has once again spoken to ‘our fenian brother’ Craigy, Craigy Whyte and asked him about Chuckles Green’s racist comments. All in the best possible taste You can catch tommy on Celtic Community Radio Audio provided by Tony Cassidy @TonyCassidy123 and copyright of Celtic Community Radio ============================================================================================ Can you help TCN ? We […]

‘The Ship Called DIGNITY’

Indulge my whimsical notions for a ten or so short minutes, lend me your eyes, your mind and your time…come with me on a journey…nae, a voyage…a voyage of discovery! Still with me?! Ok, if your seated comfortably and if your safely aboard the vessel, we shall set sail for a bygone age, for a journey through time…please […]

Daily Record in Gullibility Shocker !

Last night Twitter was buzzing with news that the Daily Record were about to reveal some shocking news about Rangers in a five page spread. The story seemed to centre around the mortgaging of RFC season ticket money for the next few years. Well the story finally broke this morning and not only has Craig Whyte mortgaged […]