'I Despair Of Football, Of Celebrity & Of Missed Opportunities'

We appear to stand alone, you, I and the next member of the real Celtic family, the Bhoys, and of course the Ghirls, at the bottom of ladder. Yesterday I done an article on Kyle Whyte and I sent it far and wide. I sent it to many so-called celebs and appealed not for their money, […]

'While We Pray, Could We Also Pay For Brave Kyle Whyte's Treatment? – An Appeal To All Celtic Fans'

You may very well recall my earlier article on the current and tragic situation that young Kyle and his family find themselves in. Kyle Whyte, 20, of Moray is of course, the young Celtic fan who attended the recent Ajax v Celtic pre-season friendly and who very unfortunately seems to have had a recurring illness […]

Celtic Fans at the crossroad or stuck on a roundabout?

As this song debate rumbles one it must be remembered that it’s nothing new. My earliest memories are from when I travelled on the Supporters bus from Springburn. My Uncle was heavily involved with the CSC and helped set up the first Celtic social club in Springburn based at the old CO-OP building in Angus […]

Fans Against Criminalisation Demo – Attend and show your opposition to the bill

Tomorrow F.A.C are hosting a demonstration against the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Bill in George Square ,Glasgow. The Demo begins at 12.30pm and F.A.C ask that fans start congregating at 12.00pm.

The Celtic Network Supports – Fans Against Criminalisation

A new campaign group, Fans Against Criminalisation, has been formed by Celtic fans to campaign against the first part of the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications Bill. Following the so-called ‘Shame Game’ last March, the police and the Scottish Government called Celtic and Rangers to a summit to discuss a range of societal […]

Fans stuck in limbo.

So lets have a debate The latest defeat to Hearts has started a great debate on Twitter, Facebook and fans sites. Due to the international break the fans are now left in limbo till the next Celtic game were I suspect voices of dissatisfaction will start to be heard. Until then the debate between the fans will go […]

Celtic Fans Media. So far ahead of the game.

The Celtic Network was created to give Celtic fans a credible alternative to mainstream media and after the first two months we’re delighted to announce that we are starting to deliver. We have already had 50,809 unique visitors with roughly 8,000 of those visitors leaving the site to visit our partner sites. Most sites would moan about […]

New Additions to TCN site

Following on from the user survey we ran over the past few weeks we have decided to carry out a couple of changes immediately to enhance your user activity on TCN. We have introduced two new sections: TCN User Feedback to allow our users to give us feedback and suggestions on how we can improve user […]