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Rangers* Shaft SPL Clubs for over £1m but that's ok.

Glad to say I never have bought the rag that is the Daily Record for over 30yrs therefore I’ll start with thanking @gaz8467 for passing on a copy of todays latest anti Celtic/Poor Rangers article uploaded by @fritzagrandold so you can also read here without giving them a hit. http://www.twitlonger.com/show/g5k9cr . I have to laugh at the total hypocrisy of this so called […]

Daily Record in Gullibility Shocker !

Last night Twitter was buzzing with news that the Daily Record were about to reveal some shocking news about Rangers in a five page spread. The story seemed to centre around the mortgaging of RFC season ticket money for the next few years. Well the story finally broke this morning and not only has Craig Whyte mortgaged […]