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Celtic's Irish heritage Should be embraced in Scotland

Just a short blog. I was listening to Derek Warfield of the Wolfetones on Over and Over tonight and he came across as a very open minded and inclusive guy. This man has travelled the world but he articulated what a lot of us Celtic fans feel. Many of us have Irish blood in our veins stretching back to the great […]

TCN Welcomes Hail,Hail Radio to the cyber tim community

 Just been having a wee listen to the latest addition to the already unbeatable Celtic fans online media family. A great start I have to say and I really enjoyed dancing around the room with the wife to the Saw Doctors. We recommend you give the show a listen to it’s definitely  a great addition to […]

Celtic Fans at the crossroad or stuck on a roundabout?

As this song debate rumbles one it must be remembered that it’s nothing new. My earliest memories are from when I travelled on the Supporters bus from Springburn. My Uncle was heavily involved with the CSC and helped set up the first Celtic social club in Springburn based at the old CO-OP building in Angus […]