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Sir Stephen House’s Letter – My Rebuttal part 2.

Welcome to part 2 of my opinions on the letter sent from Sir Stephen House head of Police Scotland to Jackie Baillie MSP, regarding the events in the Gallowgate, Glasgow on 16/March/2013. Once again these are my personal thoughts and not that of The Celtic Network or Fans Against Criminalisation.

Congratulations -“Football without fans is nothing”

Congratulations -“Football without fans is nothing” Questions need to be asked. Celtic won their 45th title last night at Firhill. No disrespect to the Jags but it was on the cards. After the game was finished and the league was won there was a minor pitch invasion. I say minor because it was in comparison […]

Clubbing in the Dam

Clubbing in the Dam. Amsterdam’s reputation as a city to party in, was well deserved. The main areas for clubbing being Rembrantplein and Leidseplein although other areas for clubbing are now scattered throughout the city, including in and around the Red Light District. Filming is forbidden in this district which might explain a hooligan element […]

Newco Rangers still condoning religious intollerance

Well,well what would you know? Roman Catholic players at Newco Rangers are not allowed to bless themselves. This news is brought to us by the same rag who are today running Celtic fans into the ground. This rag does not choose to be outraged or even question the suppression of religious freedom,nor does it ask […]

Will the Match Commander report RFC fans for sectarian singing ?

This should be interesting. Celtic fans were reported earlier on in the season for Political/illicit chanting so we watch with interest to the Police reaction to RFC supporters singing sectarian songs and chants. This was reported today in the Independent. The movement of people towards the stadium contained a subdued pride. It was the first […]

Eight Months for Bigot

Bigot Stephen Birrell was Jailed today for eight months for posting anti Irish and anti Catholic sectarian comments on a facebook page. Birrell admitted publishing ‘religiously prejudiced abuse’ between February and March this year. We won’t publish his vile comments We’ll leave that to others. Birrell is just the latest bigot to have been found guilty this year […]

Fans Agaisnt Criminalisation – New Campaign against anti-Football Bill

Today saw the launch of Fans against Criminalisation.  It was backed by the Celtic Trust web site Complete with a Launch statement that you can read HERE . We would ask that all Celtic fans and fans of other clubs support this new campaign by following and liking the Facebook page which has been set up https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fans-Against-Criminalisation/159607327462384?sk=wall .

We don't need no legislation

Is the proposed legislation needed ? The proposed Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Bill has caused great concerns to be raised by not only Celtic fans but fans of many clubs. The Scottish Government and others are adamant that they need to bring in these laws to combat sectarianism, bigotry and online […]