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‘Why don’t you go home !!!’. By The Rebel

‘Why don’t you go home !!!’.   So organised they came, swarming and massing in an angry seethe of spewing bile.    Mothers covered younger ears in protection from disgust, children trembled from shock and fear. the booming banging drum protest they must over loathe of hate filled voice. a bawling reaching out in constant repetition.  […]

'Bonnie Scotland' – 100% Halal Blog

‘Bonnie Scotland an invisible Banner for the free World’.   A  banner, a simple reading/spelling mistake pointed to a closer look at Scotland. It morphed in the cold light of day, when one removed all the banter and jiggery pokery and one up-man-ship into a blatant attempt to fuel division, racial and religious difference.    It gave a glimpse […]

Since when do you need a songbook as a moral compass ?

If some thing is wrong then it is wrong. We humans are gifted with common history, intelligence and a thing called gut feeling to help us form moral judgments. Unless it’s a book of religious hymns we don’t rely on an approved song book to know the difference between what is good and what is morally repugnant. Ally […]

A guide to Twitter Violations and reporting Violations

A guide to Twitter Violations and reporting Violations Twitter is probably the best social media platform I have used to date. No rambling posts, a good community platform and messages are short and sweet allowing for better interactions between users. Unfortunately, like all social media there are those who use it to dole out vile […]

Motherwell “The Family Club” –TCN Statement.

Over the past week or so TCN has been inundated with replies from Motherwell fans and others including certain members of the “Tartan Army” regarding our Article Motherwell “The Family Club” . Most of the replies have been nothing more than Whataboutery and denial and shouts of Paranoia. We took the decision not to print […]