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'Noises in the Dark. Voices from the Asylum'

@brianbhoy07 The negative aspects are just too many to list, at least comprehensively so. The reasons for dabbling in such a financially draining enterprise, yet to be fully justified to myself. If entering the murky waters of Scottish Football has ever profited an individual in entirety, then I’d like to know who. Fergus you say?!…Sure […]

Rangers Player faces trial for Sectarian Singing

Grant Adam brother of Liverpool midfielder and former RFC player Charlie Adam will stand trial to defend a charge of  breach of the peace aggravated by religious prejudice. The alledged offence took place in Ingram street, Glasgow on November 6th 2011. Adam appeared at Glasgow Sheriff court today and was represented by Paul Sweeney. The case was continued to […]

Future of Celtic Part One. FC or PLC ?

There has been massive investment from both home and overseas concerns into British football over the past twenty years or so. Ownership has shifted from local owners who in the main grew up supporting the club they went on to run to Multi millionaires and financial consortiums who do not have the same affinity with […]