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Dave King Questioned by Police Over 25yr Fraud ?

Maryhill Foodbank Collection – Partick Thistle v Celtic Glasgow Herald (Glasgow, Scotland), Saturday, February 23, 1895; Location – Maryhill “Yesterday 121 soup supplies were given at the kitchen in Maryhill, a trifle less than on the previous day. There was also a fairly large number of orders for provisions and coal granted. Although not as keen […]

The Asterisk Years – Book Review

The Asterisk Years – Book Review The Edinburgh Establishment V Celtic. by Paul Larkin. Oh! what a tangled web we weave When first we practice to deceive! – Sir Walter Scott I could not resist starting this review by quoting Sir Walter Scott, a leading light in the Scottish Enlightenment and more than likely a […]

When Will The Intimidation End ?

When Will The Intimidation End ? Over the past two years three Scottish clubs have entered administration. Fans of Hearts and Dunfermline did not sit back and wait for a sugar daddy. Their supports organised, raised money and bought control of their respective clubs from the Administrator. I’m not a great fan of Hearts but […]

Since when do you need a songbook as a moral compass ?

If some thing is wrong then it is wrong. We humans are gifted with common history, intelligence and a thing called gut feeling to help us form moral judgments. Unless it’s a book of religious hymns we don’t rely on an approved song book to know the difference between what is good and what is morally repugnant. Ally […]

A Potential Faustian Bargain by Pensionerbhoy

FOREWORD:  While the following are some personal thoughts and imagined predictions about the potential decisions of the Scottish football authorities as a result of the Lord Nimmo Smith enquiry, they are in no way guaranteed outcomes nor is it certain the moral high ground will ever be under threat.  There again, if the history of […]

Raging Bulls by Pensionerbhoy

(Original post was around June/July 2012)  http://followfollowfail.blogspot.com/2012/06/is-situation-affecting-your-personal.html It would appear from the above that perhaps all china shops in and around Glasgow might be under serious threat due to the potential for a large number of raging bulls to run amok.  I guess there are none so hateful as those who rankle and none so […]

Newco Rangers still condoning religious intollerance

Well,well what would you know? Roman Catholic players at Newco Rangers are not allowed to bless themselves. This news is brought to us by the same rag who are today running Celtic fans into the ground. This rag does not choose to be outraged or even question the suppression of religious freedom,nor does it ask […]