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Obsessed – The New Paranoid

Obsessed – The New Paranoid I don’t partake in the SMSM but courtesy of social media I’m picking up news that the latest line from that disgraced body is the Celtic fans are ‘obsessed’ with Rangers/Sevco. So it appears that obsessed is the new stick to beat us with now that ‘paranoid’ has left the building. […]

Ex-Celtic Throughout Scotland

As our youth embark on their own journey through Europe a lot is made of how Celtic take developing prospects from other domestic sides. Supporters & officials throughout Scotland feel that the likes of Stevie May, Ryan Gauld & Aaron Taylor-Sinclair would be better off staying well clear of Celtic and continue their development within […]

Why we must never forget what Lenny went through

When we sit and think about Neil Lennon and we judge him as a manger after every game, as we do, its football, part and parcel of what comes with the territory, we can’t ever forget what Neil Lennon came through to get Celtic to where they are today, a good European side Back in […]

1st November 1986 – Celtic 1-1 Aberdeen – My first ever game

  My first game and I have a few memories, I was 13 years old, it was near Christmas and I remember my reaction when I walked into the stadium, this massive football ground with things I had only seen on TV, I remember being awe struck by its sheer size, I remember the players coming […]

Lies, damned Lies and Corruption.

Let me set out my position straight from the start. Any form of league construction will hardly have any impact on Celtic if any. The same could also be said for Aberdeen, Dundee Utd, Hearts and Hibernian as over the piece these clubs are mostly with the exception of a couple of seasons always present at the […]