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Laptop Loyal in Terminal Decline

It’s nor often TCN pay’s any attention to the Laptop Loyal or MSN in general but today is a day for celebration as latest figures published show a sharp decline in sales as people turn away from old media and the general rubbish served up as ‘news’. Latest figures from December 2011 – December 2012. […]

New website to expose liars and cheats in MSN and Scottish football

  A new web site has emerged to help fill the void left by the Rangers Tax Case. It’s called the Scottish Football Monitor . I’m sure many like my self welcome such a blog which will shine a light on the murky world of  Scotland’s main stream media or the Laptop Loyal as they are […]

Celtic's Irish heritage Should be embraced in Scotland

Just a short blog. I was listening to Derek Warfield of the Wolfetones on Over and Over tonight and he came across as a very open minded and inclusive guy. This man has travelled the world but he articulated what a lot of us Celtic fans feel. Many of us have Irish blood in our veins stretching back to the great […]

A chance to support Celtic Fans Media

Hail, Hail fellow Tims. Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. �/ As you know by now The Celtic Networks core objective is to support and promote Independent Celtic Fans media as we believe it is without doubt the best collection of fans sites on the internet. Now you all have a chance to […]