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Turnbull Hutton on League Recon and Rangers Demise

This is an audio broadcast released by Raith Rovers FC where Chairman Turnbull Hutton Speaks at a Raith Rovers open meeting about League reconstruction and the demise of Rangers FC. I think all fans of Scottish Football will enjoy listening to what he has to say as it gives an insight into last years shambolic rush […]

Time to leave Rangers Tax Case to Them

People are still angry about what is seen as the injustice of the Rangers Big Tax Case which is bang on and people should want them held to account for Tax Evasion as in not paying PAYE or NI contributions. There is also Tax avoidance via EBT schemes and others. At the end of the day most companies […]

Newco Rangers still condoning religious intollerance

Well,well what would you know? Roman Catholic players at Newco Rangers are not allowed to bless themselves. This news is brought to us by the same rag who are today running Celtic fans into the ground. This rag does not choose to be outraged or even question the suppression of religious freedom,nor does it ask […]

‘Four Outrageously Misguided, Menacing & Defamatory Charges…Now Publish A Grovelling Apology’

I hope sincerely that today is a watershed moment in Scottish media history, in Scottish footballing history and in Scottish societies history. Unfortunately I very much doubt it, indeed the only water I foresee being shed is a few tears of laughter from our fans, our people, our family. On Tuesday 24th of July, Celtic […]

‘Punish Us?!…You Can’t Cause We Are Not Them Anymore!’

I often think that surely the whole Rangers-gate fiasco cannot possibly get any stranger, any more ridiculous or any more farcical…I’m often wrong! Today, Mr Charles Green told everyone that he and his club, who incidentally he claims to be ‘Rangers’ and who own all of the history honours and all, would not participate in […]

‘For The Intellectually Challenged’

Yesterday was quite a challenging day for me, I had much personal and professional issues which were requiring of my fullest attention. I did however manage to squeeze in a shortened tour of one of my favourite blog pages, ‘Random Thoughts Re Scots Law’ by the esteemed Paul McConville. Whilst surveying Paul’s latest article, ‘The Corporate Entity […]

‘I Am A Patriot Alright…But I Ain’t Supporting Them’

Firstly can I just remind all at TCN who I am, ‘@brianbhoy07’  been away for a while…not entirely through choice though. Hey I’m back now anyway, sure did miss you all. 😉 Right well, welcome home speech ticked off my list, I intend to blog a little controversially tonight…you bhoys and ghirls alright with that?! I am […]

‘Negotiation is the KI to business…the world over!’

You know I really am a hard man to please sometimes, in fact I’d go a little further than that, I can be a proper moaning faced twat….at least when it comes to money. I often wonder how a nation so stereotyped as ‘tight’, ‘shrewd’, ‘miserly’ and ‘demanding’, can in football terms at least…be so […]

Celtic’s Dingwall Outing – SPL Matchday 3 Report

Celts leave it late! Celtic headed to Dingwall to face the SPL newcomers Ross County in the afternoons ‘pre’ lunchtime kick-off.  I am never a fan of the early kick-off times for so many reasons but none more so than the effect it has on my team. Indeed history has shown Celtic to have quite evidently displayed a […]

‘The Ship Called DIGNITY’

Indulge my whimsical notions for a ten or so short minutes, lend me your eyes, your mind and your time…come with me on a journey…nae, a voyage…a voyage of discovery! Still with me?! Ok, if your seated comfortably and if your safely aboard the vessel, we shall set sail for a bygone age, for a journey through time…please […]